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Abstract Background Methyl xanthines (MX), known for its psychostimulant effect, occurs mostly in tea and coffee samples. However most of the market available products does not mention the proper amount and quality of MX present where, its consumption in high amount may pose health risks. Aim of the study To develop and validate a fast, efficient and reliable method of MX extraction alongwith a sensitive, rapid and precise method for simultaneous analysis of MX i.e. Theobromine (TB), Theophyllin...
Abstract The effects of nanocomposite-based packaging material (Nano-PM) on the taste components and mitochondrial energy metabolism of postharvest white Hypsizygus marmoreus (WHM), as well as the underlying influence mechanism were investigated. The results showed that the major taste components, including succinic acid and mannitol, remained at higher level in Nano-PM. The flavor 5′-nucleotides (5'-GMP and 5'-IMP) of WHM in Nano-PM were significantly higher (p
Abstract Three bacterial glycogen branching enzymes (GBEs) having different branching characteristics were used to produce clustered amylopectin (CAP), and structure and functional properties of CAPs were intensively analyzed. Branch distributions of three CAPs varied from very short (DPn=6.65) to medium (DPn=14.1). Branch distribution showed profound correlation with hydrodynamic diameter, water solubility, digestibility, and effects on mice gut-microbiota. All the CAPs showed nearly no viscosi...
Abstract This study reports enhanced efficacy of encapsulated α-Terpineol to control fungal, aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) and free radicals mediated deterioration of stored maize samples. The α-Terpineol loaded chitosan nanoemulsion (α-TCsNe) was characterized through SEM, FTIR and XRD techniques. The α-TCsNe exhibited enhanced antifungal activity against aflatoxin secreting strain of Aspergillus flavus (AF–LHP–S1) and 12 other food borne moulds as well as AFB1 production at 0.4 and 0.3 µL/mL, respective...
Abstract A method for the simultaneous determination of three commonly used coccidiostats in chicken liver was developed, comprising a multi-residue QuEChERS (quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged and safe) extraction step, and a liquid chromatography - ultra violet - fluorescence (HPLC-UV/FL) analysis. The QuEChERS extraction was optimized using an experimental design approach that includes a screening step to obtain the critical variables, an optimization step using multiple response surface a...
Abstract This study describes an experimental design, based on pH-stat, to rapidly screen and assess food formulation effects on the degrees of hydrolysis (DH) of both proteins and lipids throughout in vitro gastro-intestinal digestions. This approach was used to quantitatively compare and hierarchize key structure parameters of protein emulsions. Six matrices (15 wt% whey proteins, 0 or 10 wt% oil), each differing by at least one structure characteristic, were studied. The physical state of the...
Abstract The increasing global population poses a huge challenge to food security, especially in terms of providing adequate sustainable and affordable high quality lipids. This article reviews the sources of natural omega-3 LC-PUFA and identifies the future direction for producing high quality lipids to meet growing market demands. Generally, bivalve lipids are high quality source of lipids that are beneficial to human health, regardless of species and habitat. There is also reason to believe t...
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Abstract This study investigated the gelling and structural properties of composite gels prepared with myofibrillar protein (MP) and different concentrations of thermo-reversible curdlan gels (TRC) and thermo-irreversible curdlan gels (TIRC). The gel strength, water holding capacity, and whiteness of MP gels were significantly increased with increasing TRC and TIRC content (P
Abstract Cost effective, simple and accurate two voltammetric methods for determination of boron in hazelnut, peanut, almond, raisin, prune and date samples were described. Metal nanoparticles-carbon nanotube modified glassy carbon electrode (MNP/CNT/GCE, M= Au or Cu) and poly xylenol orange modified pencil graphite electrode (p-XO/PGE) were used as working electrodes. The oxidation of alizarin red s (ARS) in the boron-ARS complex at MNP/CNT/GCE and the oxidation of tiron in the B-tiron complex ...
Abstract The ingestion of insects has become a new trend in food science approximately since 2013, when the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) published a document entitled “Edible Insects: Future Perspectives of Food and Nutrition Security”. Since then, a growing number of researches relating insects as a food source has emerged, however, little is known about the composition of their nutrients. This review describes and compares the nutritional composition, functiona...
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