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#1Simon CornéeH-Index: 4
#2Panu KalmiH-Index: 18
Last. Ariane SzafarzH-Index: 20
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Based on an extensive literature review, this paper proposes to define social banks (SBs) as social enterprises that run banking activities with the social mission of supplying credit to other social enterprises, which are typically less profitable than for-profit businesses. This definition marks our starting point for developing a theoretical framework to explain how SBs survive without subsidies in the banking market. We build on a two-pillar business model of value-based financial intermedia...
#1Reiner EichenbergerH-Index: 25
Last. Benno TorglerH-Index: 43
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SUMMARY A pandemic is not only a biological event and a public health disaster, but it also generates impacts that are worth understanding from economic, societal, historical, and cultural perspectives. In this contribution, we argue that as the disease spreads, we are able to harness a valuable key resource: people who have immunity to coronavirus. This vital resource must be effectively employed, it must be certified, it must be searched for, it must be found, and it may even be actively produ...
#1Kelsey J. O'Connor (National Institute of Statistics)H-Index: 1
#1Niclas BerggrenH-Index: 18
#2Andreas BerghH-Index: 14
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We investigate how the life satisfaction of migrants is affected by life satisfaction in their background country and in their new country of residence. In particular, we contribute to the literature by differentiating between first- and second-generation immigrants and by differentiating between types of background country. Using data from the European Social Survey on 30,000 immigrants from 200 countries in 32 European countries, we find that for first-generation immigrants, the effect of the ...
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This paper reports an experimental test of the relative effciency of a whistleblowing-based audit scheme compared to a random-based audit scheme. We design a between-subjects laboratory experiment with two treatments: a benchmark with a random-based audit scheme and an alternative treatment in which taxpayers can blow the whistle. Compared to the benchmark, the whistleblowing-based audit scheme (i) decreases the monetary amount of tax evasion, (ii) improves the targeting of evaders and (iii) rai...
#1Marzieh Abolhassani (UG: University of Groningen)
#2Zhi Wang (SWUFE: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)
Last. Jakob de Haan (UG: University of Groningen)H-Index: 56
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The role of government involvement in firms has received a lot of attention in the last few decades. Government involvement could result in a ‘supporting hand’ and a ‘grabbing hand’. This paper investigates how government control influences the financial performance of Chinese listed firms. We use a panel data set of firms publicly traded on the stock exchanges of Shanghai and Shenzhen over the period 2009‐2013. Our dataset includes 5501 firm‐year observations. Our results suggest that governmen...
The management of the welfare state in a heterogeneous society is a growing challenge in Europe. This paper investigates the relationship between diversity and the welfare state by studying the citizens’ satisfaction about public services across European regions; it also establishes a link between research on diversity and the welfare state, and fiscal federalism theory, by focusing on the provision of local public services. We employ region level indicators of the citizens’ perception of local ...
#1Stijn BaertH-Index: 14
#2Sunčica VujićH-Index: 9
Last. Lieven De MarezH-Index: 22
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After a decade of correlational research, this study attempts to measure the causal impact of (general) smartphone use on educational performance. To this end, we merge survey data on general smartphone use, exogenous predictors of this use, and other drivers of academic success with the exam scores of first-year students at two Belgian universities. The resulting data are analysed with instrumental variable estimation techniques. A one-standard-deviation increase in daily smartphone use yields ...
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Party performance in state and federal elections is highly interdependent. Federal elections impact regional voting dynamics and vice versa (electoral externalities). We quantify the extent of simultaneous electoral externalities between two layers of government. We apply vector autoregressions with predetermined variables to unique opinion poll data for the German state of Berlin and the federal level in Germany. State voting intentions for the state and for the federal parliament are the endog...
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