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Age has been associated with increased morbidity and mortality after traumatic injury. Disregarding trauma-related factors, this may be caused by the diminished ability to cope with stressors due to limited reserve, the so-called frailty. Inflammation is assumed to promote frailty, and thus, pro-inflammatory markers may constitute as being predictive factors in geriatric trauma patients (TP). Here, we analyzed the influence of age on systemic inflammatory markers and outcome parameters in TP. 20...
Purpose Previous studies on distal femur fractures had a high degree of inclusion criteria in their sample populations, some even including pre-existing implants. The authors look to define an injury pattern unique to fractures of the distal femur by detailing demographics, associated injuries, and outcomes.
Intraoperative precise visualization of fractures and assessment of the quality of reduction is essential in orthopedic trauma surgery. Fluoroscopic skills will lead to an increased detection rate of minimal abnormalities needing revision intraoperatively. The definition of fluoroscopic skills and the interpretation of acceptable “minimal abnormalities” remains somehow unclear. The purpose of this study was to analyze the subjective quality assessment of intraoperative radiographs (IR) and wheth...
Purpose In this systematic review, we analyzed the optimal time range to evacuate traumatic-retained hemothorax using video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS).
Purpose In an ageing society, geriatric trauma displays an increasing challenge in trauma care. Due to comorbidities and reduced physiologic reserves, these patients might benefit from an immediate specialised care. The current study aims to clarify the prevalence and outcome of geriatric trauma depending on the level of the primary trauma centre.
Background Initial non-operative management of children with complicated appendicitis has been well studied but when comparing emergency procedures the long-term effectiveness of interval appendectomy remains undefined. This study aimed to determine the effects of interval appendectomy from the perspective of long-term follow-up.
Introduction Skin and soft-tissue infections (SSTI) present regularly as cutaneous abscesses which require surgical drainage. These abscesses often affect younger patients and interfere with their independency substantially. Existing guidelines display heterogeneous recommendations concerning surgical aftercare. Primary aim of this survey was to present a nomogram for standard abscess therapy based on international expert opinions.
Purpose Our aim was to investigate the clinical and radiological results of a hemi-hamate autograft arthroplasty method in patients with acute trauma who had a fragmented fracture of the proximal palmar joint surface of the middle phalanx and dorsal PIP subluxation.
Purpose There is significant evidence in the literature that low or relatively low cortisol concentrations near the time of an accident are associated with more severe forms of whiplash-associated disorders. We hypothesized that treating patients that were involved in a motor vehicle accident with hydrocortisone would alleviate the incidence and severity of these disabling disorders.
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