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#1Molly Lipscomb (UVA: University of Virginia)H-Index: 5
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Abstract This paper estimates the early impacts of Terra Legal, a large property rights reform, on deforestation and farming in the Brazilian Amazon. Twelve and a half million hectares, more than 2.5% of the Brazilian Amazon, have been registered under this program. The establishment of property rights may increase a farmer’s incentive to invest in his land and expand his farm due to a lower risk of expropriation. On the other hand, the enforcement of conservation requirements may be easier when...
Abstract This paper investigates gender wage inequality in Sri Lanka during 1992–2014, a period of robust economic growth following pro-market reforms. The gap in mean wages between men and women decreased steadily over this period. Unconditional quantile regression reveals the decline in gender wage inequality was driven by the upper half of the distribution, and was due to improvements in women’s observable human capital. Yet, the pay structure became more unequal, indicating widening gender g...
#1Justine Falciola (University of Geneva)
#2Marion Jansen (International Trade Centre)H-Index: 12
Last.Valentina Rollo (International Trade Centre)H-Index: 2
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Abstract Defining and measuring competitiveness remains a subject of interest as well as debate: policy makers need to understand how competitive their country is relative to others, and how their competitive position evolves overtime ( Fagerberg & Srholec, 2017 ). As such, well-known indicators of country performance have been developed over the years. While the business and economic literature recognise that “It is the firms, not nations, which compete in international markets” ( Porter, 1998 ...
#1David Kaczan (UniSA: University of South Australia)H-Index: 8
Abstract New roads are widely seen to aid economic development. New roads have also been shown to cause deforestation, suggesting development-environment tradeoffs for the locations where studies have focused to date. Yet in other settings, multiple mechanisms could support a different road-forest relationship, at least partially alleviating this tradeoff. New roads could promote reforestation by: (1) raising the relative productivity of labor in non-agricultural sectors, thereby reducing agricu...
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#1Mikael Bergius (NMBU: Norwegian University of Life Sciences)H-Index: 1
#2Tor A. Benjaminsen (NMBU: Norwegian University of Life Sciences)H-Index: 27
Last.Halvard Buhaug (Peace Research Institute Oslo)H-Index: 26
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Abstract The implementation of the green economy in Tanzania is currently re-arranging space in significant ways. The Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT) has been presented by the government as well as investors and aid donors as a model for the green economy in Africa combining investments in large-scale farming with environmental conservation. The Kilombero valley is centrally situated within SAGCOT and has become a national hotspot of land-use conflicts. The valley is d...
#1Degnet AbebawH-Index: 11
#2Assefa Admassie (AAU: Addis Ababa University)H-Index: 2
Last.Christine Padoch (NYBG: New York Botanical Garden)H-Index: 32
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Abstract Food insecurity in Ethiopia is a persistent development challenge. In this paper, we investigate the effects of rural outmigration on indicators of household food security in Ethiopia. The empirical data come from a two-year panel data collected from three regions of the country. To control for the potential endogeneity of migration and migration selection bias, our estimation uses a combination of a difference-in-difference (DID) model and an inverse-probability of treatment weighting ...
#2Gerry Mackie (UCSD: University of California, San Diego)H-Index: 7
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Abstract The sparsity of historical data on Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) poses a challenge for researchers who seek to identify long-term trends in FGM/C participation or evaluate the role of macro-level factors that may predict FGM/C abandonment. This study introduces a means of overcoming this barrier and provides a new cross-national dataset of FGM/C prevalence over time. We compile self-reported FGM/C data from more than 700,000 women born in 23 African countries between 1940 an...
#1Saturnino M. Borras (CAU: China Agricultural University)H-Index: 28
#2Jennifer C. Franco (Transnational Institute)H-Index: 20
Last.Zau Nam
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Abstract Climate change and land are linked – politically. Climate change politics intersects with the global land rush in extensive and complex ways, the impacts of which affect villagers profoundly. These interconnections occur in direct and indirect ways and are often subtle, but that does not make them less important; it only makes the challenge of governing such dynamics in the interests of marginalized working poor people even more difficult. In this paper, we focus our analysis on indirec...
#1Martin Chegere (UDSM: University of Dar es Salaam)
#2Jesper Stage (Luleå University of Technology)H-Index: 14
Abstract Household agricultural production for self-consumption is often highlighted by nutritionists as the main route to increasing household food security and nutritional status, especially for the poor in developing countries. At the same time, the income gains from specializing in fewer crops and selling the surplus product could be an alternate route to improved nutritional status. We use Tanzanian data to study linkages between the diversity and market orientation of a household’s agricul...
#1Barbora Sedova (University of Potsdam)H-Index: 1
#2Matthias Kalkuhl (University of Potsdam)H-Index: 13
Abstract In this paper, we move from the large strand of research that looks at evidence of climate migration to the questions: who are the climate migrants? and where do they go? These questions are crucial to design policies that mitigate welfare losses of migration choices due to climate change. We study the direct and heterogeneous associations between weather extremes and migration in rural India. We combine ERA5 reanalysis data with the India Human Development Survey household panel and co...
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