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Abstract A fluorescent probe that responds at distinct wavelengths upon exposure to cyanide, hypochlorite, and bisulfite was synthesized. As a result, an easy to apply analytical methodology was developed for the detection of these ions. The feasibility of this method was evaluated by theoretical calculations. The probe exhibited excellent solubility in the test solution (H2O: DMF = 99: 1, v: v) with low detection limits for cyanide, hypochlorite and bisulfite (4.5 × 10 −8 M, 4.9 × 10 −7 M and 4...
Abstract p-Aminobenzoic acid (PABA) was evaluated for noninvasive sampling of UDP-glucose in the liver. Six healthy subjects ingested 550 mg PABA during a breakfast meal. Urine was collected 0–2 and 2–4 h after PABA ingestion. N-acetyl PABA glucuronide (NAPG) was identified with 522 ± 212 μmol recovered in the 2–4 h urines. One of the subjects ingested 2 g of 98% [U–2H7]glucose alongside PABA and the NAPG was analyzed for positional 2H-enrichment by 2H NMR following derivatization to 5-O-acetyl ...
Abstract The ability of an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to measure the concentration of charge variants of a monoclonal antibody (mAb) biotherapeutic has been investigated. Percentage recovery was found to be in the range of 80%–120% with inter and intra assay variation between 5% and 15%. Linear regression analysis of ELISA output at different dilutions yielded a good fit (R2 > 0.98). Assay output was not hindered by the presence of serum proteins and other analytes such as GCSF, d...
Abstract A sensitive and selective fluorescence assay for DNA methyltransferase (MTase) activity detection was designed based on aggregation-induced emission (AIE) and target initiated template-free DNA polymerization. Quaternized tetraphenylethene salt was synthesized as the AIE probe, which binds to single-stranded DNA by electrostatic interaction. A hairpin probe was designed with a specific sequence for DNA MTase. In the presence of DNA MTase, the methylation reaction initiated DNA polymeriz...
Abstract This work depicts the novel chromogenic system for the assay of glucose in blood samples connected with the chelate formation of sulfosalicylic acid (SSA) with iron (Fe(III)) using glucose oxidase (GOD) presented. The purple-colored Fe-SSA chelate compound formed, maintain a strong absorption at 500 nm in the acidic buffer of pH 3.8. The Beer's law limit for the assay of glucose by rate, and a one-time method is in the range of 46–1295 μmol/L and 9–1110 μmol/L sequentially. Inter and In...
Abstract Although there are many methods for quantifying the concentration of specific proteins in samples, current techniques are technically challenging or do not easily lend themselves to normalization. Here, we describe a microbead-based assay for quantifying specific protein concentration(s) that is high-throughput, inexpensive, simple-to-use, and intrinsically incorporates normalization against the sample total protein content. This assay, termed the FRANC assay, exploits high affinity bio...
Abstract l -asparaginase is a chemotherapy agent in the treatment of childhood leukemia. l -asparaginase has several side effects and a short blood half-life in patients. Chemical modification of l -asparaginase can decrease its side effects and improve its pharmacokinetic properties. The aim of this project was twofold: to chemically modify l -asparaginase with carboxymethyl dextran via carbodiimide cross linker, and to evaluate and compare the biochemical and structural properties of the nativ...
Abstract An imbalance in the estrogen metabolism has been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer development. Evaluation of the estrogen biotransformation capacity requires monitoring of various estrogen metabolites. Up to now, only some estrogen metabolites could be measured in urine. However, in order to offer tailor made nutritional support or therapies, a complete estrogen metabolite profile is required in order to identify specific deficiencies in this pathway for each patient i...
Abstract Nowadays, counterfeit medicines have become very popular due to the extension of the Internet. Broad-spectrum antibiotics with similar effect, but different prices, provide a gold opportunity for illegal traders to counterfeit. It is found that some genuine packaging of expensive brand drugs are recycled and then used to refill other kinds of cheap antibiotic tablets. It is of great importance to establish an effective antibiotic authentication method to check whether a product with a s...
Abstract Identification of mutant genes in tumor tissues and blood plasma (solid and liquid biopsy samples, respectively) is a necessity for individualized treatment of cancer patients. Here we report the use of a novel mutant-enriched PCR - quantitative DNA melting curve analysis (mePCR-qDMA) with TaqMan probes. The TaqMan probes served as blocking agents during PCR and as hybridization probes during DNA melting curve analyses. The end-point measurement of melt peaks areas by PeakFit software, ...
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