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Potential field migration represents a rapid technique for imaging the subsurface based on gravity data. However, migration transformation usually produces a smooth and unfocused image of the targets due to the diffusive nature of the potential fields. In this paper, we introduce a method of the migration image enhancement and sharpening based on the application of the hybrid focusing stabilizer, which combines the edge-preserving smoothing filter with the minimum support functional. The method ...
On the evening of December 22, 2018, the coasts of the Sunda Strait, Indonesia, were hit by a tsunami generated by the collapse of a part of the Anak Krakatau volcano. Hundreds of people were killed, thousands were injured and displaced. This paper presents a preliminary modeling of the volcano flank collapse and the tsunami generated based on the results of a 2D depth-averaged coupled model involving a granular rheology and a Coulomb friction for the slide description and dispersive effects for...
A dense linear geophone array is deployed across the Tatun volcano group (TVG) at the northern tip of Taiwan, where more than 7 million residents live in the Taipei metropolis. The array is composed of 50 geophones with a station spacing of ~ 200 m in average, and it is designed for striking in the NW–SE direction to record the many earthquakes in eastern Taiwan, where the Philippine Sea plate subducted beneath the Eurasia plate. The detailed examination of felt earthquakes shows consistent P-wa...
We would like to make some comments on the paper by Hamidatou et al. (2019). Initially, these comments are motivated to reveal that, previous results on probabilistic seismic hazard analyses, some of them computed and published by our research group, are wrongly quoted in the paper by these authors. In our opinion, some other points are worthy of debate, mainly, but not only, the used seismic source zone model, the used logic-tree, and also the comparison of estimated values of peak ground horiz...
The local Hurst exponent H(t) has been computed for an array of 38 seismometers, deployed at the Virgo West End Building for Newtonian Noise characterisation purposes. The analysed period is from January 31st, 2018 to February 5th, 2018. The Hurst exponent H is a fractal index quantifying the persistent behaviour of a time series, higher H corresponding to higher persistency. The adopted methodology makes use of the local Hurst exponent computed using small sliding windows, in order to character...
This study aims to build on the existing knowledge and improve the overall PSHA results by modifying source, path and site characteristics for Bangladesh. Firstly, six potential seismotectonic zones have been re-defined based on the recent study of Wang et al. (J Geophys Res Solid Earth 119:3576–3822, 2014) and Nath and Thingbaijam (J Seismol 15(2):295–315, 2011), and the updated earthquake catalogue has been declustered using two methods. Important source parameters, such as recurrence b-values...
During May 12–14, 2018, the International Conference for the Decade Memory of the Wenchuan Earthquake, in connection to the 4th International Conference on Continental Earthquakes (4th ICCE) and the 12th General Assembly of the Asian Seismological Commission (ASC), was held in Chengdu, China. There have been several outcomes of the Conference (for example, the book published jointly by Higher Education Press and Springer) as well as the present special issue. Among the 58 submissions, 34 have be...
Monitoring precursory decline in groundwater radon at the Antung hot spring is a useful means of forecasting the magnitude and precursor time of local disastrous earthquakes. With the help of a case study in southeastern Taiwan, this paper demonstrates the effect of tectonic setting in the subduction zone on the correlation between radon decline, precursory time and earthquake magnitude. Given a radon-monitoring site located near the plate boundary in the tectonic setting of advanced arc-contine...
We present an analysis of the oldest detailed account of tsunami run-up in Indonesia, that of the 1674 Ambon tsunami (Rumphius in Waerachtigh Verhael van de Schuckelijcke Aerdbebinge, BATAVIA, Dutch East Indies, 1675). At 100 m this is the largest run-up height ever documented in Indonesia, and with over 2300 fatalities even in 1674, it ranks as one of Indonesia’s most deadly tsunami disasters. We consider the plausible sources of earthquakes near Ambon that could generate a large, destructive t...
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