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#1Guodaohou Song (RUC: Renmin University of China)
#2Xiaofang Wang (RUC: Renmin University of China)
Last. Xiaofang Wang (RUC: Renmin University of China)H-Index: 1
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Production cost can be influenced by previous sales in an uncertain way. In reality, production cost may decrease in the number of initial buyers due to the learning effect, or increase in the number of initial buyers due to the quality-improving pressure from negative comments of unhappy users. Taking this uncertainty into account, this paper studies the optimal intertemporal pricing strategies of a firm when selling to strategic customers in two periods where production cost in the second peri...
#1Jiunyan Wu (Kyoto University)
#2Tomoki Sekiguchi (Kyoto University)H-Index: 13
Although intragroup conflict has both multilevel and dynamic natures, less attention has been paid to establishing a holistic model of intragroup conflict that emerges across levels and unfolds over time. To address this research gap, we extend the multilevel view of intragroup conflict (Korsgaard et al. 2008) to develop a multilevel and dynamic model of intragroup conflict that explicitly includes (1) the role of time and (2) the feedback loop to encompass the dynamic aspect of intragroup confl...
#1Yue Wang (RUC: Renmin University of China)H-Index: 1
#2Wenhao Luo (North China University of Technology)
Last. Yirong Guo (THU: Tsinghua University)
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Leader humility has emerged as an important topic in understanding the role of leadership in organizations in recent years. Though it was found to enhance subordinates’ work performance and positive work behaviors, we are unaware of the psychological mechanism and boundary conditions underlying leader humility and employees’ negative behaviors toward leaders. Drawing on social exchange theory and using a multistage sample including 273 employees and 55 supervisors in China, we demonstrated a neg...
#1Zhang Jin (RUC: Renmin University of China)
#2Weng Zhangwen (RUC: Renmin University of China)
Last. Ni Naichen (UM: University of Michigan)
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Redundant online reviews often have a negative impact on the efficiency of consumers’ decision-making in their online shopping. A feasible solution for business analytics is to select a review subset from the original review corpus for consumers, which is called review selection. This study aims to address the diversified review selection problem, and proposes an effective review selection approach called Simulated Annealing-Diversified Review Selection (SA-DRS) that considers the semantic relat...
#1Zhen Wang (RUC: Renmin University of China)H-Index: 1
#2Yuan Liu (RUC: Renmin University of China)
Last. Songbo Liu (RUC: Renmin University of China)
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This study examines how and when authoritarian leadership affects subordinates’ task performance. Using social exchange theory and power dependence theory, this study proposes that authoritarian leadership negatively influences task performance through leader-member exchange (LMX). This study further proposes that the effect of authoritarian leadership on LMX is stronger when a subordinate has less dependence on a leader. A two-wave survey was conducted in a large electronics and information ent...
#1Jinran Chen (RUC: Renmin University of China)
#2Lijuan Xie (RUC: Renmin University of China)H-Index: 1
Industrial policy is an important means for governments to promote industrial development and accelerate economic growth. This paper mainly uses the Chinese Law and Regulation Database as the source of the relevant laws and regulations of China’s industrial policies from 2003 to 2015. On this basis, it empirically examines the impact of industrial policies on economic growth. The study finds that China’s industrial policy has significant positive effects on economic growth and that industrial st...
#1Zhen Wang (RUC: Renmin University of China)H-Index: 1
#2Shiyong Xu (RUC: Renmin University of China)H-Index: 1
Last. Yanjun Liu (RUC: Renmin University of China)H-Index: 1
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This study aims to examine the effect of transformational leadership on employee voice behavior. Specifically, this study investigates the mediating role of positive affect in linking transformational leadership with voice and the moderating role of over-qualification in influencing the mediation of positive affect. In particular, a two-wave survey was conducted. A sample of 271 participants complete a questionnaire measuring transformational leadership, positive affect and various demographic v...
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#1Jin Feng (RUC: Renmin University of China)
#2Wenxia Zhou (RUC: Renmin University of China)
Last. Mengyi Li (RUC: Renmin University of China)
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By responding to the call for research on negative career shocks and future time perspective, this study regarded internal social capital as a tool of resource retention which shifts attention to negative career shocks’ positive effects. We test a moderated mediation model which illustrates the effect of negative career shocks on focus on opportunities—positive dimension of occupational future time perspective. Results revealed that internal social capital acts as the mediator between negative c...
#1Shuai Meng (RUC: Renmin University of China)H-Index: 1
#2Jiayan Yan (Nanjing Audit University)H-Index: 1
Last. Xuebing Cao (Keele University)H-Index: 2
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Drawing upon the knowledge-based view and team learning, we investigated how heterogeneity in top management teams (TMTs) in China influences global expansion strategies. Using panel data from Chinese listed firms from 2008 to 2014, we found that TMT functional background heterogeneity could positively affect firms’ commitment to outward foreign direct investment (OFDI), as the diversification of TMT members can enrich the team’s knowledge, facilitate efficient team learning, and enhance the dec...
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#1Ting Lan (BIT: Beijing Institute of Technology)
This study uses the intrinsic bubbles detection method to identify housing bubbles in the Hong Kong residential property market. By using sample period data from 1993 to 2019, the empirical results show evidence of intrinsic bubbles. Based on the unit root and co-integration tests, I found that there are no rational speculative bubbles in the Hong Kong residential property market. Furthermore, by using the Granger causality tests of the corresponding asymmetric VECM specification, there is no ca...
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