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Josep Lupón28
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(Autonomous University of Barcelona),
Antoni Bayes-Genis41
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(Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Amine El Amrani (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Bieito Campos (Autonomous University of Barcelona)+ -3 AuthorsHildemari Espinosa-Viamonte (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Abstract Introduction and objectives The Micra transcatheter pacing system has shown high effectiveness and a lower complication rate than conventional transvenous pacemakers. However, the benefit of the device is unknown in the very old population (≥ 90 years). The aim of this study was to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Micra in patients ≥ 90 years. Methods We present a prospective observational study with consecutive patients aged > 70 years who underwent implantation of a Micra pace...
Published on Jul 1, 2018in Revista Espanola De Cardiologia5.13
Costanza Pellegrini8
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(TUM: Technische Universität München),
Won-Keun Kim15
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+ 15 AuthorsTeresa Trenkwalder6
Estimated H-index: 6
(TUM: Technische Universität München)
Abstract Introduction and objectives A certain degree of prosthesis oversizing (OS) is recommended for the SAPIEN 3 to achieve device success. However, an increase in OS may increase permanent pacemaker implantation (PPI) rates. We therefore investigated the influence of OS on device failure and PPI. Methods A total of 804 patients were treated with SAPIEN 3 at 3 centers. Multislice computed tomography-derived OS was calculated and analyzed both as a continuous variable and categorized in 5% inc...
Published on Jul 1, 2018in Revista Espanola De Cardiologia5.13
Santiago Jesús Camacho Freire1
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J.F. Fernández38
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+ 11 AuthorsMarcos García Guimaraes1
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Resumen Introduccion y objetivos La hormona tiroidea afecta al metabolismo de todos los tejidos del organismo. El objetivo es analizar la prevalencia y las implicaciones de las alteraciones tiroideas en una cohorte de pacientes consecutivos con diseccion coronaria espontanea (DCE). Metodos Se evaluo a 73 pacientes diagnosticados de DCE y se compararon las caracteristicas y la evolucion clinica de los pacientes eutiroideos frente a los hipotiroideos. Se comparo posteriormente la prevalencia de al...
J.R. Banegas Banegas64
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(UAM: Autonomous University of Madrid),
Raymond R. Townsend56
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(UPenn: University of Pennsylvania)