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Abstract Edge-relevant structure features (ERSFs), e.g., object edges, boundaries and contours, junctions, etc. play an important role in low and middle level image processing tasks, such as image segmentation, as well as in higher-level computer vision tasks, such as scene analysis and content understanding. Commonly-used ERSF detection methods employ the integer-order differential-based methods, which are noise-sensitive and have less selectivity of ERSFs. Hence, they are difficult to effectiv...
Abstract This paper proposes a sparsity-based phase spectrum compensation (SPSC) function to improve the quality of reconstructed signals by using magnitude-based single-channel speech source separation. While conventional approaches to the reconstruction of separated sources use the input phase spectrum, the proposed SPSC function modifies each source's phase spectrum using the estimated magnitude spectra of multiple sources and their spectro-temporal sparsity. In particular, the spectro-tempor...
Abstract Blind Source Separation (BSS) is a key machine learning method, which has been successfully applied to analyze multichannel data in various domains ranging from medical imaging to astrophysics. Being an ill-posed matrix factorization problem, it is necessary to introduce extra regularizing priors on the sources. While using sparsity has led to improved factorization results, the quality of the separation process turns out to be dramatically dependent on the minimization strategy and the...
Abstract The estimation accuracy of the clutter covariance matrix will be degraded when using the heterogeneous and contaminated training samples. To improve the performance of clutter suppression in heterogeneous environments, a novel knowledge aided space-time adaptive processing method is proposed in this paper, which is based on Mahalanobis distance metric learning (MML-KA STAP). Exploiting the difference of the Mahalanobis distances between the actual echo data and the synthesized data, the...
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Abstract To satisfy the need of electronic system integration in civil and military, and mitigate the tension of spectrum resource, the demand for coexistence of radar and communication systems is increasing rapidly. As an important branch of radar-communications integration, the time modulated array (TMA) based coexistence method has been proposed recently. The TMA has an inherent drawback that there are many undesired sideband signals generated simultaneously. However, the existing TMA sideban...
Abstract A sliding-window DFT (SWDFT) based two-step algorithm is proposed for parameter estimation of multi-frequency signal with high accuracy. In the first step, the SWDFT sequence in frequency-domain varied with time instant is obtained by performing the SWDFT on the input signal, where the coarse frequency is estimated. It has been proved that the SWDFT of a multi-frequency signal possesses the same linear relationship as the original time-domain signal and the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) o...
Abstract In this paper, we present an adaptive closed–loop range-angle dependent sidelobe control using frequency diverse array (FDA) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) design for joint radar-communications. The system carries out tracking of the target and the communication receiver, while transmitting information bits towards the intended communication receiver using a flexible sidelobe control, i.e., controlling the power emitted at a certain angle-range position. The range-angle dependent...
Abstract Credibilistic fuzzy clustering is a novel data analysis method. Aiming at the shortcoming that credibilistic fuzzy clustering algorithm (CFCM) lacks the ability of noise suppression for image segmentation, a robust credibilistic fuzzy C-means clustering with weighted local information (CWFLICM) is proposed. At first, the fuzzy local information is introduced to guarantee the noise insensitiveness and image detail information. Secondly, the similarity measure constraints of distance betw...
Abstract This paper deals with the covariance estimation and its application in radar signal processing when the number of the secondary data is limited. We model the covariance estimation as a color loading version and use three different geometric means to derive three kinds of knowledge-aided (KA) covariance estimators, namely, KA Euclid (KA-E) metric estimator, KA Power-Euclid (KA-PE) metric estimator, and KA Log-Euclid (KA-LogE) metric estimator. Experimental results on simulation and measu...
Abstract Multi-antenna systems have emerged as a key technology to meet the growing demand for capacity in mobile communications. The spatial filtering capability of these systems can be exploited to enhance the signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) in wireless communication channels, allowing to reduce transmission power and increase data rates. However, this is not an easy task due to computational and spatial-selectivity limitations, requiring the use of effective beamforming algorit...
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