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Abstract Background It is unclear whether physiologic pacing by either cardiac biventricular pacing (BiVP) or His-bundle pacing (HisBP) may prevent adverse structural and functional consequences known to occur among some patients who receive right ventricular pacing (RVP). Aim Our analysis sought to review existing literature to determine if BiVP and/or HisBP might prevent adverse remodeling and be associated with structural, functional, and clinical advantages compared with RVP among patients w...
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We appreciate the comments by Baker and colleagues on our paper [(1)][1]. We described that empagliflozin ameliorates adverse cardiac remodeling, enhances systolic function, switches myocardial fuel utilization, and improves myocardial energetics in a nondiabetic heart failure (HF) model. Baker and
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Drs. Danzi and Bernelli, while acknowledging “some value” of our analysis evaluating the role of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in patients ≥75 years of age with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) complicated by cardiogenic shock, criticize our approach of using an
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![Figure][1] ![Figure][1] In June, we were very proud to have launched our newest journal, JACC: Case Reports, under the JACC family of journals . JACC: Case Reports is an open access journal serving as a forum for promoting clinical cases and clinical problem solving. It will accept
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(Cleveland Clinic),
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