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The purpose of this study is to experimentally and numerically investigate the effects of rotation number on heat transfer and fluid flow in a three-pass serpentine passage with lateral outflow. In the present study, the rotation number varies from 0 to 0.09, and the inlet Reynolds number is 5000. The heat transfer coefficient distribution of the three-pass serpentine passage is measured using the transient liquid crystal technique. The current work fills the research gap of the effect of rotati...
This paper aims to investigate the effects of moisture migration and groundwater seepage on the heat transfer capacity of ground heat exchangers in stratified soils. A three-dimensional unsteady groundwater flow and heat transport model was established using finite volume method. Sixteen cases with different model considerations and initial soil conditions were simulated based on the proposed model. A group of 8 cases considering only transverse moisture migration and another group considering b...
In this study, manganese sillenite nano-powders were produced by hydrothermal method by adding graphene oxide in different mass amounts. Structural, morphological, thermal, optical and electrical properties of the obtained undoped and graphene-oxide-doped samples were investigated. XRD results showed that the produced samples had nano-sizes and the crystal sizes changed with the addition of graphene oxide. SEM and TEM images showed that the microstructures of the samples were nano-sized and comp...
The flow of salt water as a base fluid containing nanoparticles of different shapes, viz. zigzag, chiral, and armchair, in an asymmetric permeable channel has been investigated. Such particles in peristaltic flow with a magnetic field have noteworthy medical applications. Two illustrative models, namely those of Hamilton and Crosser, are utilized. The set of governing partial differential equations is solved analytically to find exact solutions, and numerical results are obtained using computer ...
In this study, thermodynamic analysis of a supercritical closed Brayton cycle integrated with parabolic trough solar collectors operating with various organic-based working fluid types is conducted. To examine the performance of this integrated system, a mathematical model, including the energy and exergy analyses of the system, is first developed; after that, a parametric study is performed to determine the effect of compressor pressure ratio, solar irradiation, and type of working fluid on the...
Sublimator offers effective heat rejection for the spacecraft, which work in warm environments or with peak heat loads, by evaporating or sublimating water into the vacuum. The sublimator type studied in this paper is sublimator driven coldplate, which is proposed in recent years and is currently under research. Many conclusions have yet to be revealed. In this research, two common feed water gaps first were established. Based on the above, the structural characteristics of aluminum foam were st...
There is a growing demand for the removal of thermal energy from industrial applications. This paper investigates the heat transfer enhancement potential of microporous channels and nanofluid concentrations. The varying parameters of the experimental and numerical study are heat flux, permeability, and nanofluid concentration. The porosity that is used in the channels is 10 and 20 PPI. For the experimental and numerical studies, two concentrations are considered: 0.6% alumina (Al2O3) and distill...
AISI 2205 steel is a duplex stainless steel plate containing 22% Cr, 3% Mo and 5–6% Ni and having the properties like high strength, impact toughness and corrosion resistance. In plasma transfer arc (PTA) welding method, the arc occurs between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece. In this study, the surface of AISI 2205 steel material was alloyed by PTA welding method using different combinations of TiC and B4C powders. The effect of B4C and TiC powders on AISI 2205 steel in coating process ...
The combustion reactivity of plane tree seeds biomass feedstock was studied using the thermogravimetry. The effects of atmosphere (O2/Ar) and different oxygen concentrations (O2/Ar = 20:80% and O2/Ar = 50:50%) on the combustion characteristics were investigated. When combustion atmosphere changes from O2/Ar = 50:50% to O2/Ar = 20:80% (reducing oxygen concentrations), the burnout temperature increases by 29.50 °C for tested biomass. Obtained results demonstrate the ease of ignition of investigate...
In the present work, a new simulation of nanofluid/vapor two-phase flow inside the 2-D rectangular boiling chamber was numerically investigated. The Eulerian–Eulerian approach used to predict the boiling curve and the interaction between two phases. The surface modification during pool boiling of silica nanofluid represented by surface roughness and wettability is put into the account in this simulation. New closure correlations regarding the nucleation sites density and bubble departure diamete...
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