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Abstract The animal slaughter and meat processing industries generate large sources of effluents, rich in organic matter that can be used in plants irrigation as strategy in order to reuse water in agricultural properties. The objective of this work was to evaluate the production and the composition of coastcross grass for hay production by sprinkler irrigation with urea effluent treated by the anaerobic exercise. The experimental was developed in randomized blocks, with five treatments and four...
Abstract This study presents a comparative life cycle assessment (LCA) of traditional and emerging treatment approaches for hazardous refinery oily sludge handling. Two traditional oily sludge disposal approaches, including incineration and landfilling, and two emerging energy recovery approaches, including solvent extraction and pyrolysis, were investigated. Life cycle inventories listing all energy and material flows were established for the two emerging treatment approaches, and the life cycl...
Abstract This study aims to explore integrated solid waste management hierarchical interrelationships using a sustainable balance scorecard approach. The proposed analysis using the fuzzy Delphi method to exclude invalid attributes, interpretive structural modeling to arrange attributes into an extensive hierarchical model, and using a fuzzy decision-making trial-and-evaluation laboratory to examine the causal interrelationships among attributes. The solid waste management systems in Vietnam are...
Abstract Transport sector of Pakistan is one of the highest fossil fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emission sector. As a key user of fossil fuel energy, Pakistan’s transport sector has created many problems i.e. noise, air pollution, CO2 emissions and environmental problem. In this study, trans-log production function model for Pakistan’s transport sector is established and input factors of labor, capital, and energy consumption are comprised. The output elasticity of an individual, in...
Abstract According to different waste supply-demand relationships between two enterprises in an industrial park, a Stakelberg game model for waste recycling was established for waste pricing under three scenarios: non-symbiosis, partial symbiosis, and complete symbiosis. Through comparative analyses and sensitivity analyses, the market conditions for the formation of industrial symbiosis relationships and the pricing decisions for industrial waste and recycled products were investigated. A case ...
Abstract Tackling the issue of Greenhouse Effect requires global action and a combined international effort from both developed and developing nations. Allocation of the total emissions reduction target among various entities is an issue of both theoretical importance and practical significance. Based on efficiency analysis, this paper proposes a methodology to develop an iterative procedure that can realize the disaggregation of emissions allowance. We use China as a typical case to illustrate ...
Abstract In the context of China’s rapid and perennial urbanization, it is of profound importance to understand how to enable and accelerate progress towards achieving the country’s sustainable water-energy-food nexus by 2030. In this study, a quantitative spatial scenario analysis was performed to identify the provinces that are expected to experience changes in water stress, under the competition for water between food and energy sectors. The results manifested an imbalance of water availabili...
Abstract The aim of this paper is to empirically identify and rank the drivers and barriers to the deployment of concentrated solar power (CSP) in the EU in the past and the future at two different levels of analysis: System/grid or macro level and project/investment or micro level. An expert elicitation and an investors' survey were carried out for this purpose. The results differ across the two levels (experts and investors), time frames and CSP designs. Specifically, deployment support, polic...
Abstract Soil arsenic (As) pollution around large-scale As mine contaminated sites is of great concern, but there have been no detailed reports about them in China. A comprehensive study was conducted to determine the soil pollution characteristics and the multiple potential risks to the environment and the ecosystem of a large-scale arsenic slag contaminated site in southwest China. A total of 2,816 samples from three soil layers were collected and the As concentration was determined. The resul...
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