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Hiroyuki Miyasaka5
Estimated H-index: 5
(Fujita Health University),
Izumi Kondo13
Estimated H-index: 13
(Fujita Health University)
+ -3 AuthorsShigeru Sonoda15
Estimated H-index: 15
(Fujita Health University)
ABSTRACTBackground: The degree of difficulty of skills of paretic upper limbs in daily life has not been investigated.Objective: To determine the internal validity and level of difficulty of items ...
Saniye Aydoğan Arslan (Kırıkkale University), Hatice Yakut (Süleyman Demirel University)+ -3 AuthorsSüleyman Kutluhan16
Estimated H-index: 16
(Süleyman Demirel University)
ABSTRACTBackground: The Brunel Balance Assessment Scale (BBA) is a valid, reliable scale for evaluating functional balance and mobility in patients with stroke. It should also be fast, simple, port...
Published on Aug 18, 2019in Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation1.96
Elsje Scheffler5
Estimated H-index: 5
(Stellenbosch University),
Robert Mash13
Estimated H-index: 13
(Stellenbosch University)
Published on Jun 6, 2019in Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation1.96
Laura Condon5
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(University of Nottingham),
Penny Benford5
Estimated H-index: 5
(University of Nottingham)
+ 2 AuthorsMarisa Walker107
Estimated H-index: 107
(University of Nottingham)
ABSTRACTObjective: To identify the key components of a biopsychosocial support intervention to improve mental wellbeing for informal stroke carers within the first year post-stroke based on the combined perspectives of experts in the field of psychological care after stroke and informal stroke carers themselves.Methods: After reviewing the existing literature a cross-sectional mixed-methods design was adopted comprising 1) focus groups with informal stroke carers about their psychological suppor...
Xin Li1
Estimated H-index: 1
(UD: University of Delaware),
Charalambos C. Charalambous4
Estimated H-index: 4
(NYU: New York University)
+ -3 AuthorsSusanne M. Morton18
Estimated H-index: 18
(UD: University of Delaware)
ABSTRACTBackground: Acute exercise can increase motor cortical excitability and enhance motor learning in healthy individuals, an effect known as exercise priming. Whether it has the same effects in people with stroke is unclear.Objectives: The objective of this study was to investigate whether a short, clinically-feasible high-intensity exercise protocol can increase motor cortical excitability in non-exercised muscles of chronic stroke survivors.Methods: Thirteen participants with chronic, uni...
Published on Jun 3, 2019in Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation1.96
Thaís Coelho Alves1
Estimated H-index: 1
(UNESP: Sao Paulo State University),
Paula Cristina Cola8
Estimated H-index: 8
(UNESP: Sao Paulo State University)
+ 2 AuthorsRoberta Gonçalves da Silva9
Estimated H-index: 9
(UNESP: Sao Paulo State University)
Published on Jun 12, 2019in Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation1.96
Fuad A. Abdulla1
Estimated H-index: 1
(American Physical Therapy Association),
Fahd A. Al-Khamis2
Estimated H-index: 2
+ 1 AuthorsAli M. Alshami (American Physical Therapy Association)
Published on May 8, 2019in Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation1.96
Inês Mesquita1
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(P.PORTO: Polytechnic Institute of Porto),
Pedro Fonseca1
Estimated H-index: 1
(University of Porto)
+ 2 AuthorsCláudia C. Silva4
Estimated H-index: 4
(P.PORTO: Polytechnic Institute of Porto)
ABSTRACTBackground: Music is affordable and easily integrated in rehabilitation exercises, and has demonstrated different effects on the brain. We hypothesized that music interventions could improv...
Published on May 29, 2019in Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation1.96
Lynne Clay3
Estimated H-index: 3
(University of Otago),
Megan Webb (University of Otago)+ 1 AuthorsDivya Bharatkumar Adhia3
Estimated H-index: 3
(University of Otago)