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The Journal of Rheumatology
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Published in The Journal of Rheumatology 3.63
Nina Renner5
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Arnd Kleyer14
Estimated H-index: 14
+ -3 AuthorsGoetz H. Welsch31
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Published on May 15, 2019in The Journal of Rheumatology 3.63
Three sisters of Northern European descent provided an opportunity to examine the longterm course and possible familial aspects of a rare disease, polyarteritis nodosa (PAN). Approval and consent was obtained from each patient.
Published on Mar 15, 2019in The Journal of Rheumatology 3.63
Pierluigi Macchioni35
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Carlo Salvarani69
Estimated H-index: 69
+ 24 AuthorsCaterina Bruno13
Estimated H-index: 13
Objective The purpose of the ULISSE study was to evaluate the prevalence of clinical and ultrasonographic (US) entheseal involvement in patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA), psoriasis, and fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS). Methods In this cross-sectional multicenter study, patients with PsA and psoriasis (not taking systemic therapy) and FMS underwent a clinical evaluation of the entheses, and a B-mode and power Doppler examination of 6 pairs of entheses. Results The study analyzed 140 patients wi...
Published in The Journal of Rheumatology 3.63
Kathleen M. Andersen2
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Jonathan Cheah1
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+ -3 AuthorsMaria-Antonietta D’Agostino8
Estimated H-index: 8
Objective Outcome Measures in Rheumatology (OMERACT) convened a premeeting in 2018 to bring together patients, regulators, researchers, clinicians, and consumers to build upon previous OMERACT drug safety work, with patients fully engaged throughout all phases. Methods Day 1 included a brief introduction to the history of OMERACT and methodology, and an overview of current efforts within and outside OMERACT to identify patient-reported medication safety concerns. On Day 2, two working groups pre...