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This study aimed to evaluate the technical-tactical, perceptual and mental demands of basketball small-sided games (SSGs). Twelve male semi-professional players participated in four half-court 3vs3 SSGs characterized by different tactical tasks (offensive; defensive) and training regimes (long-intermittent; short-intermittent). The SSGs were video-recorded to perform notational analysis of technical-tactical parameters. Ratings of perceived exertion (RPE, CR-100 scale), mental effort (ME) and e ...
The current study assessed the impact of one night of sleep deprivation on cognitive, motor and psychomotor performance. Thirty healthy young adult male subjects completed a 24 h control or 24 h sleep deprived trial. For the control trial, participants (N = 15) were allowed normal night sleep (~8 h). For the sleep deprived trial, participants (N = 15) did not sleep for 24 h. Cognitive performance during go/no-go, Stroop and simple reaction tasks, psychomotor performance during speed-accuracy tas...
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The aim of the study was to assess the effects of a specific protocol, based on a focal muscle vibration, on mechanical parameters in an exercise composed of five repeated bouts of sprint interval tests (Wingate Anaerobic Tests, 10 seconds duration). Twenty-eight young male healthy subjects were randomized to two groups (VIB and CTRL). Peak power (PP), average peak between bouts (aP) and total exercise work (TW) were measured. In both groups, three different exercise sessions were carried out, i...
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Post-exercise proteinuria is one of the most common findings observed after short and intensive physical activity, but is observed also after long runs with low intensity. The aim of this study was to analyze factors influencing proteinuria after marathon runs. Two groups of male amateur runners were studied. The results of 20 marathon finishers (42.195 m), with a mean age of 49.3 +/- 6.85 years; and 17 finishers of a 100-km ultramarathon with a mean age of 40.18+/-4.57 years were studied. Urine...
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