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Arsenic and selenium elements play extremely important roles in organisms. Too high As concentration in blood may lead to functional disorders within organs, including cancer. Arsenic is designated as a Group 1 human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer that has established causal role of arsenic in cancers of the urinary bladder, lung, and skin in humans. In contrast, Se is believed to be the antioxidant trace element that is important in the biological defense against ...
Cadmium (Cd) has been reported to reduce male fertility, impair reproductive capacity, and play a major role in the pathogenesis of infertility. This study was conducted to investigate the possible protective role of Selenium (Se) and L-carnitine (LC) against the adverse effects induced by Cd on the male reproductive system in mice. Animals were randomly divided into seven groups (n = 10); control group and six treated groups, as follows: Cd (0.35 mg/kg), Se (0.87 mg/kg), LC (10 mg/kg), and a co...
To improve the anticancer activity of telmisartan, its structure has been modified by Zn(II) complexation giving [Zn(Telm)2(H2O)2]·2H2O (ZnTelm). The cytotoxic effect was measured on the human lung cancer cells (A549) and on the lung fibroblast cells (MRC-5). The complex markedly improved anticancer activity (IC50 75 μM) of telmisartan (IC50 125 μM) or ZnSO4 (IC50 225 μM) and did not show toxicity on non-cancer cells, inducing oxidative stress with cellular ROS generation and GSH/GSSG decrease. ...
Changes in the macro and trace element composition of saliva might be indicative for pathological changes in periodontal tissues. However, there is a lack of evidence in the literature showing associations between mineral elements and periodontal status. The aim of this study was to determine whether such associations occur. Totally, 190 systemically healthy non-smoker participants (mean age 32.2 ± 6.02; 50 periodontally healthy, 50 gingivitis, 50 chronic periodontitis, and 40 aggressive periodo...
Selenium (Se) is one of the essential elements required to maintain human health. Although various kinds of Se supplements are now available on the market, their biological activities and toxicities vary based on the transportation characteristics of Se. In this study, we compared the absorption and distribution of Se in rats administered with different Se supplements: Se-enriched Bifidobacterium longum DD98 (Se-DD98), selenized yeast (Se-Y), and sodium selenite (Na2SeO3). Se-DD98, Se-Y, and Na2...
Lung cancer (LC) is the number one cancer killer of women both in the USA and around the world. Besides cigarette smoking, an important feature in the etiology of LC is its strong association with exposure of toxic metals. The primary objective of the present investigation was to assess the concentrations of toxic/essential elements (Ni, Ca, Se, Zn, Co, K, Cr, As, Cu, Na, Fe, Hg, Cd, Mg, Mn, and Pb) in the serum samples of LC female patients with female controls by atomic absorption spectrometry...
This study investigated the effects of chronic aluminum exposure on apoptosis of hippocampal neurons, and synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus in rats. Rats were divided into the control, low-dose (L-Al), mid-dose (M-Al), and high-dose (H-Al) groups. After chronic exposure of aluminum, the Morris water maze (MWM) and open-field (OF) tests were performed to assess the behavioral performance. Electrophysiological measurements were conducted. Flow cytometry was used to assess the apoptotic proces...
Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a group of metabolic disorders that are characterized by a loss of glucose homeostasis and insufficiency in production or action of insulin. Development of newly antidiabetic molecules using a variety of organic compounds and biomolecules has been in practice for a long time. Recently, nanomaterials are also being used in antidiabetic studies for their unique properties. In this context, zinc nanoparticles have drawn attention due to the relationship between diabetes an...
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