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Abstract The present study evaluated the efficiency of pre-selected composite amendments (CA-1: biochar-lime-sepiolite-zeolite and CA-2: manure-lime-sepiolite) for immobilization and sorption of Cd and Pb in field and batch sorption experiments. The field experiment was performed in a co-contaminated clay purple soil (stagnic anthrosols). Along with a control experiment (T1), CA-1 and CA-2 were tested at different rates including 750, 1500, 3000 and 6000 kg ha−1 by growing wheat as the test crop...
Abstract The objective of this study was to analyse the effectiveness of advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) with Solar and UV radiation (UV/H2O2, UV/K2S2O8) for the degradation of hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ), a widely used diuretic drug, in aqueous solution focusing on the influence of four experimental parameters: initial concentration of HCTZ, solution pH, nature of the water matrix, and initial concentration of radicals. The obtained results showed that using both kinds of direct photolysis (...
Abstract Flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) is one of the oldest predominant industrial crops grown for seed, oil and fiber. The present study was executed to evaluate the morpho-physiological traits, biochemical responses, gas exchange parameters and phytoextraction potential of flax raised in differentially copper (Cu) spiked soil viz (0, 200, 400 and 600 mg Cu kg−1 soil) under greenhouse pot experiment. The results revealed that flax plants were able to grow up to 400 mg kg−1 Cu level without show...
Abstract The contribution of land uses in sequestering soil carbon (C) is a key question of research in tropical regions, where C emissions due to land use changes, extreme rainfall events and high temperatures can aggravate the global issue of climate change. In the present study, different pools of soil organic C were assessed, from shifting cultivation lands (jhum), rubber, tea garden and coffee plantations of Tura district in Meghalaya, which is located in Northeastern region (NER) of India....
Abstract An alternative method was proposed to optimize the treatment process of palm oil mill effluent (POME) in an effort to address the poor removal efficiencies in terms of the chemical and biological oxygen demand (COD and BOD), total suspended solids (TSS) as well as oil and grease (O&G) content in treated POME along with many environmental issues associated with the existing POME treatment process. The elimination of the cooling ponds and the insertion of a dewatering device in the treatm...
Abstract Phosphorus (P) loss from intensive dairy farms is a pressure on water quality in agricultural catchments. At farm scale, P sources can enter in-field drains and open ditches, resulting in transfer along ditch networks and delivery into nearby streams. Open ditches could be a potential location for P mitigation if the right location was identified, depending on P sources entering the ditch and the source-sink dynamics at the sediment-water interface. The objective of this study was to id...
Abstract Microbially induced calcite precipitation (MICP) improves the physical properties of soils by increasing the solid content, decreasing the pore sizes and improving the rigidity of the particle-to-particle contact ending with a better mechanical and geotechnical performances of the soils. First, the physical characteristics of soils in Qatar showed similar grain size distributions with most falling in the category of fine particles (30 μm–1 μm), which is appropriate for MICP processes. M...
Abstract Environmental action plans are important instruments intended to provide sustainable solutions for the most pressing environmental issues. As they should be updated regularly, efforts to evaluate their quality are essential for enabling incremental improvements in upcoming versions. The aim of our study was to systematically evaluate the quality of Romania's Local Environmental Action Plans (LEAPs) by following a theoretical framework that includes principles from both rational and comm...
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