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#2Daniela Ali-SistoH-Index: 2
Last. Petteri PackalenH-Index: 28
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Globally, urban areas are rapidly expanding and high-quality remote sensing products are essential to help guide such development towards efficient and sustainable pathways. Here, we present an algorithm to address a common problem in digital aerial photogrammetry (DAP)-based image point clouds: vertical mis-registration. The algorithm uses the ground as inferred from airborne laser scanning (ALS) data as a reference surface and re-aligns individual point clouds to this surface. We demonstrate t...
#2Filip OulehleH-Index: 19
Last. L. HomolovaH-Index: 10
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Central European forests suffered from severe, large-scale atmospheric depositions of sulfur and nitrogen due to coal-based energy production during the 20th century. High deposition of acid compounds distorted soil chemistry and had negative effects on forest physiology and growth. Since 1994, continuous data on atmospheric deposition and stream runoff fluxes have provided evidence of ecosystem recovery from acidification. In this study, we combined for the first time mass budget data (sulfur d...
#1K. OmariH-Index: 2
#2René ChénierH-Index: 2
Last. Mesha SagramH-Index: 1
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Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) has been used in characterizing intertidal zones along northern Canadian coastlines. RADARSAT-2, with its full polarimetric information, has been considered for monitoring these vulnerable ecosystems and helping enhance the navigational safety of these waters. The RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM) will ensure data continuity with three identical SAR satellites orbiting together, providing superior revisit capabilities. The three satellites are equipped with mult...
Optical complexity and various properties of Case 2 waters make it essential to derive inherent optical properties (IOPs) through an appropriate method. Based on field measured data of Lake Chaohu between 2009 and 2018, the quasi-analytical algorithm (QAA) was modified for the particular scenario of that lake to derive absorption coefficients based on the moderate-resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) bands. By changing the reference wavelength to longer ones and building a relationship b...
#2Yaping CaiH-Index: 3
Last. Evan H. DeLuciaH-Index: 67
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Climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of heavy precipitation in the US Midwest, overwhelming existing tile drainage, and resulting in temporary soil ponding across the landscape. However, lack of direct observations of the dynamics of temporal soil ponding limits our understanding of its impacts on crop growth and biogeochemical cycling. Satellite remote sensing offers a unique opportunity to observe and analyze this dynamic phenomenon at the landscape scale. Here we analyzed ...
Thermal and hyperspectral proximal disease sensing are valuable tools towards increasing pesticide use efficiency. However, some practical aspects of the implementation of these sensors remain poorly understood. We studied an optimal measurement setup combining both sensors for disease detection in leek and potato. This was achieved by optimising the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) based on the height of measurement above the crop canopy, off-zenith camera angle and exposure time (ET) of the sensor....
The distribution and trend of clear-sky surface solar radiation (SSR) and the quantitative effects of aerosol and water vapor are investigated in northern China during 2001–2015 using radiation simulations and satellite observations. Clear-sky SSR in northern China is high in summer and low in winter, which is dominated by astronomical factors and strongly modulated by the seasonal variations of radiative effects of aerosol (ARE) and water vapor (WVRE). The larger variation of WVRE than ARE indi...
The monitoring of construction sites and the achieved progress is a vital aspect of construction works in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Only if three-dimensional reconstructions require a limited time, the creation of consecutive datasets, portraying the site in subsequent phases, becomes feasible. Moreover, a shared coordinate system between all datasets is essential for monitoring purposes. In this work, a new photogrammetric framework is presented to shift fro...
During the last decade, the number of available satellite observations has increased significantly, allowing for far more frequent measurements of the glacier speed. Appropriate methods of post-processing need to be developed to efficiently deal with the large volumes of data generated and relatively large intrinsic errors associated with the measurements. Here, we process and combine together measurements of ice velocity of Russell Gletscher in Greenland from three satellites—Sentinel-1, Sentin...
The timely monitoring of crop disease development is very important for precision agriculture applications. Remote sensing-based vegetation indices (VIs) can be good indicators of crop disease severity, but current methods are mainly dependent on manual ground survey results. Based on VI normalization, an automated crop disease severity grading method without the use of ground surveys was proposed in this study. This technique was applied to two cotton fields infested with different levels of co...
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