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A nascent body of research suggests that economic freedom is positively associated with entrepreneurial activity. Most of this literature is based on cross-countries analyses, although there is significant regional heterogeneity in entrepreneurial activity and the institutional and policy context within countries. The literature also largely overlooks the potential for the entrepreneurial inducing effects of economic freedom to drive less efficient firms out of the market. Additionally, economic...
#1Romi Kher (CUNY: City University of New York)H-Index: 1
#2Siri Terjesen (NHH: Norwegian School of Economics)H-Index: 30
Last.Chen Liu (Trinity Western University)
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#1Steven A. Brieger (University of Sussex)H-Index: 4
#2Anne Bäro (HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management)H-Index: 1
Last.Siri A. Terjesen (FAU: Florida Atlantic University)
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This study explores the relationship between an entrepreneur's age and his/her social value creation goals. Building on the lifespan developmental psychology literature and institutional theory, we hypothesize a U-shaped relationship between entrepreneurs’ age and their choice to create social value through their ventures, such that younger and older entrepreneurs create more social value with their businesses while middle age entrepreneurs are relatively more economically and less socially orie...
#1Zovanga Kone (University of Oxford)H-Index: 3
#2Isabel Ruiz (University of Oxford)H-Index: 8
Last.Carlos Vargas-Silva (University of Oxford)H-Index: 16
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This paper explores differences in the likelihood of engaging in self-employment among migrants who moved for different reasons to the UK. The results suggest that, conditional on being in employment, those who initially migrated for asylum reasons are six percentage points more likely to engage in self-employment than the UK-born, while those who migrated for work reasons are not significantly different from UK-born workers in this regard. We also find that mediating factors, such as the presen...
#1Lucio Fuentelsaz (University of Zaragoza)H-Index: 12
#2Consuelo González Gil (University of Zaragoza)H-Index: 4
Last.Juan Pablo Maicas López (University of Zaragoza)H-Index: 12
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In this paper, we analyse entrepreneurial exit from an institutional lens and consider high-growth aspiration initiatives. We elaborate on the idea that institutions that are market-supporting reduce exit, while the level of high-growth aspiration entrepreneurship increases it. More importantly, we show that the existence of strong market-supporting institutions in a country decreases the positive relationship between the level of high-growth aspiration entrepreneurship and exit. We employ panel...
#1Johan Klaesson (Research Institute of Industrial Economics)H-Index: 11
#2Özge Öner (University of Cambridge)H-Index: 5
The relevance of residential segregation and ethnic enclaves for labor market sorting of immigrants has been investigated by a large body of literature. Previous literature presents competing arguments and mixed results for the effects of segregation and ethnic concentration on various labor market outcomes. The geographical size of the area at which segregation and/or ethnic concentration is measured, however, is left to empirical work to determine. We argue that ethnic concentration and segreg...
#1Craig Loschmann (UM: Maastricht University)H-Index: 3
#2Katrin Marchand (UM: Maastricht University)H-Index: 2
#1Steven A. Brieger (University of Sussex)H-Index: 4
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Given the rising rate of migration across the globe, immigrant entrepreneurship is more than ever a topic of high theoretical and practical relevance. Immigrant entrepreneurship can offer host societies a win-win situation, generating incomes for immigrant entrepreneurs and contributing to knowledge transfer, innovativeness, and economic growth within the host economy. However, studies reveal that immigrant entrepreneurship is primarily male dominated and our understanding of the drivers and con...
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