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#1Anelise Moreti Cabral (UFSCar: Federal University of São Carlos)H-Index: 1
#2Roberta de Fátima Carreira Moreira (UFSCar: Federal University of São Carlos)H-Index: 7
Last.Tatiana de Oliveira Sato (UFSCar: Federal University of São Carlos)H-Index: 9
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Purpose Low physical capacity is hypothesized to be associated with the presence of musculoskeletal symptoms. Therefore, our aim was to investigate whether physical capacity is associated with the presence of musculoskeletal symptoms in the neck, shoulders, and thoracic and lumbar spine among office workers.
#1Sofie Fredriksson (University of Gothenburg)H-Index: 2
#2Jeong-Lim Kim (University of Gothenburg)H-Index: 9
Last.Kerstin Persson Waye (Örebro University)H-Index: 15
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Purpose To assess whether working in preschools increases the risk of hearing-related symptoms and whether age, occupational noise, and stressful working conditions affect the risk.
Purpose This study aimed to identify sub-groups of workers with different trajectories of sick leave due to musculoskeletal pain over 1 year, and to investigate the extent to which the identified trajectories are associated with personal, occupational, lifestyle, and pain-related factors at baseline.
#1Karolin Hiesinger (Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung)
#2Silke Tophoven (Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung)H-Index: 4
Purpose Persons in lower occupational positions experience higher rates of morbidity compared to workers in higher advantaged positions. Working conditions may explain this occupational health gradient. Most studies consider either psychosocial or physical work demands at one point in time. In our study, we examine both physical and psychosocial work demands and their association with health status differentiated by job requirement level. We further distinguish between constant and changing work...
#1Håkan Westberg (Örebro University)H-Index: 16
#2Alexander Hedbrant (Örebro University)H-Index: 3
Last.Lena Andersson (Örebro University)H-Index: 11
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Purpose To study the relationship between inhalation of airborne particles and quartz in Swedish iron foundries and markers of inflammation and coagulation in blood.
#1Katherina Heinrichs (HHU: University of Düsseldorf)H-Index: 2
#2Jian Li (HHU: University of Düsseldorf)H-Index: 18
Last.Adrian Loerbroks (HHU: University of Düsseldorf)H-Index: 10
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Purpose Psychosocial working conditions—in terms of job decision authority, among others—may influence asthma self-management at work and in leisure time, as recent qualitative research has shown. We sought to statistically investigate potential relationships between job decision authority and two types of self-management behaviours: physical activity (PA) and visits to the general practitioner (GP).
#1Cheryl Peters (AHS: Alberta Health Services)H-Index: 2
#2Joanne Kim (McGill University)H-Index: 1
Last.Paul A. Demers (Cancer Care Ontario)H-Index: 39
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Purpose Outdoor workers are exposed daily to solar ultraviolet radiation, an important contributor in the development of non-melanoma skin cancer. This study aimed to quantify the health burden of non-melanoma skin cancers among outdoor workers in Canada.
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#1Töres Theorell (Stockholm University)H-Index: 79
#2Anna Nyberg (Stockholm University)H-Index: 5
Purpose Several studies have shown that cultural activities may promote health. There are also prospective population studies which show that regular participation in cultural activities could reduce morbidity and mortality. To what extent such associations could be applied to the work arena is not so well known, although findings in a few studies support the assumption that cultural activities organized from the work site might improve employee health. An important question discussed in the lit...
Objectives The objective of our study was to evaluate the association between occupational exposure to trichloroethylene (TCE), a suspected lymphomagen, and serum levels of miRNAs in a cross-sectional molecular epidemiology study of TCE-exposed workers and comparable unexposed controls in China.
#1Tine Almenning Flaa (University of Bergen)
#2Anette Harris (University of Bergen)H-Index: 12
Last.Siri Waage (University of Bergen)H-Index: 14
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