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A major threat to the Scotch whisky industry is the sale of counterfeit single malt whiskies with purported distillation years in the 19th and early- to mid-20th centuries. However, these are often much more recent spirits, distilled in the latter part of the 20th or first part of the 21st centuries. These sales impinge upon the reputation of auction houses, retailers, brand owners and distillers. The atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons in the 1950s and early 1960s has enabled a precise calib...
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The Rio Grande Cone is a major fanlike depositional feature in the continental slope of the Pelotas Basin, Southern Brazil. Two representative sediment cores collected in the Cone area were retrieved using a piston core device. In this work, the organic matter (OM) in the sediments was characterized for a continental vs. marine origin using chemical proxies to help constrain the origin of gas in hydrates. The main contribution of OM was from marine organic carbon based on the stable carbon isoto...
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Last.Mihály MolnárH-Index: 16
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The increase of fossil-fuel-derived CO 2 in the atmosphere has led to the dilution of the atmospheric radiocarbon concentration, but due to the costly instrumentation, the continuous atmospheric 14 C/ 12 C data is incomplete in developing countries, such as in Indonesia. These data give useful information about the level of local and regional fossil emissions. In this study, 14 C AMS measurements of local vegetation and woody plant species samples have been used to estimate the rate of fossil-fu...
#1Natalia PiotrowskaH-Index: 18
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Last.Konrad TudykaH-Index: 4
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In this paper, a record of the 14 C and 13 C isotope content of atmospheric CO 2 for Gliwice is presented for samples collected on a weekly basis in the years 2011–2013. In addition, measurements were performed on the early and late wood from the annual rings of pine trees from five sites located 3–6 km from the atmospheric CO 2 sampling point. The concentration of 14 C in CO 2 samples from the air was much lower relative to the concentration of this isotope in “clean air,” indicating a pronounc...
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A new method to extract CO 2 in seawater samples for the determination of F 14 C has been developed in the Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics at ETH Zurich. The setup consists of an automated sampler designed to extract dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) from 7 samples in a row, by flushing the seawater with He gas to extract CO 2 . The fully automated method is controlled via a LabVIEW program that runs through all consecutive steps: catalyst preconditioning, CO 2 extraction, CO 2 trapping, thermal C...
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Compound-specific radiocarbon (14C) dating often requires working with small samples of < 100 μg carbon (μgC). This makes the radiocarbon dates of biomarker compounds very sensitive to biases caused by extraneous carbon of unknown composition, a procedural blank, which is introduced to the samples during the steps necessary to prepare a sample for radiocarbon analysis by accelerator mass spectrometry (i.e., isolating single compounds from a heterogeneous mixture, combustion, gas purification and...
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