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#1Hirotaka Komine (TUAT: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)H-Index: 1
#2Yuya WatariH-Index: 1
Last.Koichi Kaji (TUAT: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)H-Index: 23
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#1Yuuta Moriyama (TITech: Tokyo Institute of Technology)H-Index: 6
#2Hilda Mardiana Pratiwi (TITech: Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Last.Mikiko Tanaka (TITech: Tokyo Institute of Technology)H-Index: 20
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#1Mariana Terossi (UFRGS: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)H-Index: 1
#2Alexandre Oliveira Almeida (UFPE: Federal University of Pernambuco)H-Index: 13
Last.Fernando L. Mantelatto (USP: University of São Paulo)H-Index: 30
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#2Omar BailezH-Index: 7
Last.Thalles Platiny Lavinscky Pereira (USP: University of São Paulo)H-Index: 1
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The leaf cutter ant Atta sexdens (L.) (Hymenoptera:Formicidae) causes huge economic losses to agriculture in the Neotropics. In natural environments, parasitic flies of the Phoridae family are natural enemies of leaf cutter ants. Habitat modification is considered one of the main causes of species decline. In this study, we compare the occurrence of parasitic phorids on A. sexdens and the parasitism that they cause on colonies located in agricultural and natural habitats. Phorid flies were colle...
#1Tatsuya Ueki (Hiroshima University)H-Index: 23
#2Asuka Arimoto (OIST: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology)H-Index: 2
Last.Noriyuki Satoh (OIST: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology)H-Index: 47
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#1Taijun Myosho (University of Shizuoka)H-Index: 3
#2Tadashi Sato (Niigata University)H-Index: 7
Last.Tohru Kobayashi (University of Shizuoka)H-Index: 13
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We compared sex-reversal ratios induced by 17α-methyltestosterone (MT) and 17β-estradiol (E2) exposure in two inbred medaka strains: Hd-rR derived from Oryzias latipes and HNI-II from O. sakaizumii. All MT exposures (0.2–25 ng mL–1) induced complete XX sex-reversal in HNI-II. Although MT exposure at 0.2 ng mL–1 induced XX sex-reversal at > 95% in Hd-rR, other concentrations tested caused XX sex-reversal at lower frequencies ( 10 ng mL–1, and in all fish feminization occurred 500 ng mL–1. In HNI-...