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Shaker A. Zahra80
Estimated H-index: 80
(University of Minnesota),
Aseem Kaul6
Estimated H-index: 6
(University of Minnesota),
María Teresa Bolívar-Ramos (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Corporate science—basic scientific knowledge developed by for-profit firms—is an important driver of both scientific progress and commercial development. However, mounting evidence suggests that while difficult and expensive to produce, much of the knowledge this science generates goes uncommercialized. Given the benefits companies and their shareholders could derive from corporate science, we ana...
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Johan Wiklund53
Estimated H-index: 53
(Syracuse University),
Isabella Hatak8
Estimated H-index: 8
(University of Twente),
Holger Patzelt30
Estimated H-index: 30
(Technische Universität München)
... (1 others)
Mental disorders are prevalent, place considerable burden on the economy and lead to suffering for those with the disorders and their loved ones. However, there is a flipside. Evidence suggests that people with mental disorders can flourish and productively contribute to society through entrepreneurship. This paper explores the relationship between mental disorders and entrepreneurship. It builds ...
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Sheri L. Johnson49
Estimated H-index: 49
("University of California, Berkeley"),
James W. Madole1
Estimated H-index: 1
(University of Texas at Austin),
Michael A. Freeman3
Estimated H-index: 3
("University of California, San Francisco")
The goal of this paper is to briefly review extant findings on bipolar disorder and entrepreneurship, and then to develop a model of personality traits that might link mania risk with entrepreneurial intent and entry. Findings from a large set of cross-sectional and longitudinal studies indicate that people diagnosed with bipolar disorder, as well as those with subsyndromal forms, show personality...
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Joseph P. Gaspar4
Estimated H-index: 4
(Quinnipiac University),
Redona Methasani1
Estimated H-index: 1
(University of Connecticut),
Maurice E. Schweitzer30
Estimated H-index: 30
(University of Pennsylvania)
Deception pervades our social interactions, and can profoundly shape our relational and economic outcomes. This is particularly true in negotiations. In this article, we review the extant literature investigating deception in negotiation, we challenge prevailing assumptions in this literature, and we call for future work to fill fundamental gaps in our understanding of how deception influences int...
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Bruno Dyck14
Estimated H-index: 14
(University of Manitoba),
Ronald E. Purser11
Estimated H-index: 11
(San Francisco State University)
Although there is considerable agreement that mainstream organization and management theory (OMT) has been undergirded by religious faith and beliefs, we nevertheless lack a well-developed understanding of how contemporary scholars’ faiths may serve to inform OMT. In this paper we differentiate between faith and belief, describe the idea of Organization and Management Theoria (OMTia), and then dev...
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Jolanda Hessels15
Estimated H-index: 15
(Erasmus University Rotterdam),
Niels Rietveld1
Estimated H-index: 1
(Erasmus University Rotterdam),
Roy Thurik44
Estimated H-index: 44
(Erasmus University Rotterdam)
... (1 others)
Entrepreneurs frequently work in highly unpredictable environments and are involved in a wide variety of tasks for which they are often ill prepared. Good mental health is of utmost importance to adequately manage the challenges, adversity, and stressors that come with running a business. However, little is known about how mental health affects entrepreneurs and the performance of their businesses...
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Riccardo Fini12
Estimated H-index: 12
(University of Bologna),
Einar Rasmussen17
Estimated H-index: 17
(Nord University),
Donald S. Siegel60
Estimated H-index: 60
(Arizona State University)
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Studies have demonstrated the importance of scientific research for innovation and economic performance at the firm and regional levels, and policymakers have extensively supported the commercialization of public science. However, we still lack theoretical and empirical evidence on the link between the commercialization of public science and broader societal impacts. Specifically, despite a large ...
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McKenzie Rees (Southern Methodist University), Ann E. Tenbrunsel18
Estimated H-index: 18
(University of Notre Dame),
Max H. Bazerman68
Estimated H-index: 68
(Harvard University)
The business scandals in the past several decades led to the rising importance of ethics as a topic central to management scholarship. Behavioral scientists in particular were attracted to the topic in far greater numbers, and the study of ethical decision-making emerged as a core subfield (Messick & Tenbrunsel, 1996). This paper draws on that framework and applies it to negotiations, arguing that...
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Isabel Metz15
Estimated H-index: 15
(Melbourne Business School),
Savita Kumra6
Estimated H-index: 6
(American University of Sharjah)
ABSTRACT Self-help books with career advice for women who aspire to leadership are popular. This popularity is somewhat surprising, in that the advice appears to take us back to the ‘fix the women’ approach to career advancement of the 1960s and 1970s. Sheryl Sandberg’s (2013) ‘Lean In’ book is a vivid example of this popular genre of books. In this paper, we use Sandberg’s book to examine why a f...
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Rhett Andrew Brymer3
Estimated H-index: 3
(University of Cincinnati),
Clint Chadwick8
Estimated H-index: 8
(University of Kansas),
Aaron D. Hill9
Estimated H-index: 9
(Oklahoma State University–Stillwater)
... (1 others)
Scholars use the term pipelines to encapsulate many ways that firms target talent sources. Yet, pipeline scholarship is fragmented to date, so we have few answers for: Why do pipelines exist? What are their attributes? And what are their implications for firms? In this paper, we explore these questions. Based on an extensive literature review, we first distill the commonalities and core attributes...
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