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#1Yaxiong Yuan (University of Luxembourg)H-Index: 1
#2Lei Lei (University of Luxembourg)H-Index: 11
Last. Bjorn OtterstenH-Index: 68
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In unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications, the UAV's limited energy supply and storage have triggered the development of intelligent energy-conserving scheduling solutions. In this paper, we investigate energy minimization for UAV-aided communication networks by jointly optimizing data-transmission scheduling and UAV hovering time. The formulated problem is combinatorial and non-convex with bilinear constraints. To tackle the problem, firstly, we provide an optimal relax-and-approximate solu...
#2Francisco MessinaH-Index: 3
Last. Fabrice LabeauH-Index: 17
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Smart meters (SMs) can pose privacy threats for consumers, an issue that has received significant attention in recent years. This paper studies the impact of Side Information (SI) on the performance of distortion-based real-time privacy-preserving algorithms for SMs. In particular, we consider a deep adversarial learning framework, in which the desired releaser (a recurrent neural network) is trained by fighting against an adversary network until convergence. To define the loss functions, two di...
#1Xidong MuH-Index: 3
#2Yuanwei LiuH-Index: 28
Last. Naofal Al-DhahirH-Index: 40
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This paper investigates a downlink multiple-input single-output intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) aided non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) system, where a base station (BS) serves multiple users with the aid of IRSs. Our goal is to maximize the sum rate of all users by jointly optimizing the active beamforming at the BS and the passive beamforming at the IRS, subject to successive interference cancellation decoding rate conditions and IRS reflecting elements constraints. In term of the cha...
#1Maxime De BoisH-Index: 2
#2Mehdi AmmiH-Index: 15
Last. Mounim A. El YacoubiH-Index: 5
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Due to the sensitive nature of diabetes-related data, preventing them from being shared between studies, progress in the field of glucose prediction is hard to assess. To address this issue, we present GLYFE (GLYcemia Forecasting Evaluation), a benchmark of machine-learning-based glucose-predictive models. To ensure the reproducibility of the results and the usability of the benchmark in the future, we provide extensive details about the data flow. Two datasets are used, the first comprising 10 ...
Joint radar-communication (JRC) waveform can be used for simultaneous radar detection and communication in the same frequency band. However, radar detection processing requires the prior knowledge of the waveform including the embedded information for matched filtering. To remove this requirement, we propose a unimodular JRC waveform based on composite modulation where the internal modulation embeds information by mapping the bit sequence to different orthogonal signals, and the external modulat...
#1Dania MarabissiH-Index: 17
#2Lorenzo MucchiH-Index: 12
Last. J. CataniH-Index: 18
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One of the main revolutionary features of 5G networks is the ultra-low latency that will enable new services such as those for the future smart vehicles. The 5G technology will be able to support extreme-low latency. Thanks to new technologies and the wide flexible architecture that integrates new spectra and access technologies. In particular, Visible Light Communication (VLC) is envisaged as a very promising technology for vehicular communications, since the information can flow by using the l...
#1Xiaotong Gu (UTAS: University of Tasmania)
#2Zehong Cao (UTAS: University of Tasmania)
Stroke patients have symptoms of cerebral functional disturbance that could aggressively impair patient's physical mobility, such as freezing of hand movements. Although rehabilitation training from external devices is beneficial for hand movement recovery, for initiating motor function restoration purposes, there are still valuable research merits for identifying the side of hands in motion. In this preliminary study, we used electroencephalogram (EEG) datasets from 8 stroke patients, with each...
#1Nan GeH-Index: 4
#2Richard BamlerH-Index: 1
Last. Xiao Xiang ZhuH-Index: 32
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This paper addresses the general problem of single-look multi-master SAR tomography. For this purpose, we establish the single-look multi-master data model, analyze its implications for single and double scatterers, and propose a generic inversion framework. The core of this framework is nonconvex sparse recovery, for which we develop two algorithms: one extends the conventional nonlinear least squares (NLS) to the single-look multi-master data model, and the other is based on bi-convex relaxati...
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#1Huan MaH-Index: 1
#2Guofa CaiH-Index: 8
Last. Guojun HanH-Index: 12
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LoRa is a modulation technology for low power wide area networks (LPWAN) with enormous potential in 5G era. However, the performance of LoRa system deteriorates seriously in fading-channel environments. To tackle this problem, in this paper we introduce multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) configuration employing space-time block coding (STBC) schemes into the LoRa system to formulate an STBC-MIMO LoRa system. Then, we investigate the theoretical performance of the proposed system over Rayleigh...
#1Ahmet M. ElbirH-Index: 7
#2Kumar Vijay MishraH-Index: 15
Last. Bjorn OtterstenH-Index: 68
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Hybrid analog and digital beamforming transceivers are instrumental in addressing the challenge of expensive hardware and high training overheads in the next generation millimeter-wave (mm-Wave) massive MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) systems. However, lack of fully digital beamforming in hybrid architectures and short coherence times at mm-Wave impose additional constraints on the channel estimation. Prior works on addressing these challenges have focused largely on narrowband channels wh...
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