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In this study, we analyze the relationship of adult attachment style with the structural properties of personal networks and the social capital of 67 managers in the province of Quebec (Canada). Through cluster analysis, two differentiated relational profiles were detected. Secure attachment is associated with dense and comparatively small networks of strong ties. The avoidance dimension is related instead to larger and more centralized networks, with weaker ties. There were no significant diffe...
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#1Fernando Molero (UNED: National University of Distance Education)H-Index: 15
#2Mario Mikulincer (Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya)H-Index: 88
Last.Juan Antonio Moriano (UNED: National University of Distance Education)H-Index: 16
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In three studies we examined, from an attachment perspective, the utility and the validity of a scale assessing followers’ perceptions of leaders as security providers (LSPS). Based on the literature, we designed a 15-item scale tapping the five functions of a security-enhancing attachment figure (secure base, safe haven, proximity seeking, emotional ties, and separation distress) within organizational contexts. The scale showed acceptable reliability and a one-factor structure in all the studie...
Job performance is considered the “ultimate dependent variable” in human resource management, turning its assessment into a capital issue. The present study analyzes the functioning of a brief 18-item self-report scale, the Individual Work Performance Questionnaire (IWPQ), which measures the main dimensions of job performance (task performance, contextual performance, and counterproductive behaviors) in a wide variety of jobs. Participants were 368 employees who voluntarily answered a questionna...
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#1Aharon Tziner (Netanya Academic College)H-Index: 25
#2Or Shkoler (Netanya Academic College)H-Index: 2
Last.Bat-El Bat Zur (Netanya Academic College)
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This paper aimed to shed light on (1) heavy-work investment (HWI) of time and efforts as a mediational mechanism between intrinsic/extrinsic motivation (predictors) and work engagement (WE) as an outcome, and (2) the moderation effect of employment contract type (permanent vs. temporary employees) on the association between work motivation and HWI. Data from 242 high-tech subjects – engineers (68.2p) and engineering students (31.8p) – was collected. Apart from correlational relationships, only i...
Research about immigrants’ psychological functioning emphasizes the negative impact of discrimination on psychological well-being. Although there is agreement about the relevance of job access to immigrants’ adjustment to host countries, employability’s effects on immigrants’ well-being have been scarcely studied. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships between perceived discrimination, employability, and psychological well-being in a sample of 100 Latin-American immigrants se...
#1Mariano Meseguer-de-Pedro (University of Murcia)H-Index: 2
#2Antonio L. García-Izquierdo (University of Murcia)H-Index: 11
Last.María Isabel Soler-Sánchez (University of Murcia)H-Index: 1
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Workplace bullying is a serious problem that may arise within any occupation or organisation. Situations of workplace bullying are highly stressful and affect the health of workers who experience them in a negative way. Resilience has beenidentified as an essential capacity to protect people’s health. This study focuses on how resilience functions in situations of workplace bullying. By means of questionnaires, information about workplace bullying behaviours, resilience, andpsychological health ...
Most theories of job crafting understand the term to refer to an individual activity, and only a few studies have focused on collaborative job crafting. The present study has two aims. First, to adapt and validate a Spanish version of the Individual and Collaborative Crafting Scale. Second, to test a simple mediation model of engagement on the relationship between individual and collaborative crafting and job satisfaction. The sample consisted of 301 people. The data were analyzed using the Smar...
#2Thaís Zerbini (USP: University of São Paulo)H-Index: 8
Last.F. Javier Medina (University of Seville)H-Index: 14
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espanolRESUMEN Este estudio analiza la efectividad de la formacion en linea en una gran organizacion. Se ha probado la influencia de diferentes procesos de la formacion, como las estrategias de aprendizaje, las reacciones, el apoyo a la transferencia y las barreras, en la transferencia del comportamiento y el desempeno laboral. Los participantes fueron 3,600 empleados de un banco publico brasileno que participaron en una formacion en linea en el trabajo. Seis meses despues, sus supervisores eval...
#1María Dolores Merino (Complutense University of Madrid)H-Index: 3
#2Jesús Privado (Complutense University of Madrid)H-Index: 8
Last.Rocío Arnaiz (Complutense University of Madrid)
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espanolRESUMEN La situacion de crisis que ha vivido el mundo occidental desde 2007 ha generado miles de desempleados. Uno de los paises mas afectados por el desempleo es Espana, en especial los jovenes (34.7%). A la vista de este contexto intentamos analizar el rol de los recursos psicologicos, el bienestar, el distres y el eustres en jovenes graduados empleados y desempleados. Hemos utilizado una muestra de 542 jovenes graduados, de los cuales el 48.3% estaban desempleados y los que trabajaban ...
#1Xinyu Hu (NIU: Northern Illinois University)H-Index: 1
#2Alecia M. Santuzzi (NIU: Northern Illinois University)H-Index: 12
Last.Larissa K. Barber (SDSU: San Diego State University)H-Index: 2
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espanolRESUMEN Las tecnologias de informacion y comunicacion (TIC) ofrecen las ventajas de estar conectados y aumentar la flexibilidad laboral de los empleados, aunque tienen consecuencias conductuales y psicologicas negativas. Esta investigacion analiza las consecuencias que tiene la telepresion, referida a la preocupacion y urgencia en responder rapidamente a mensajes relativos al trabajo (utilizando las TIC), sobre el desempeno fisico y psicologico de los trabajadores y sobre el papel interme...
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