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Nitin Abrol (Mayo Clinic), Rahul Kashyap17
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(Mayo Clinic)
+ -3 AuthorsTimucin Taner11
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(Mayo Clinic)
Abstract Objective To identify preoperative factors predicting early admission (within 30 days) of adult kidney transplant recipients to the intensive care unit (ICU). Patients and Methods This is a single-center retrospective study of consecutive kidney transplant recipients between January 1, 2007, and December 31, 2016. Children (aged Results Of the 1527 eligible patients, 305 (20%) required early ICU admission. In univariate analysis, older age, higher body mass index (BMI), previous transpl...
Vincent A. Pallazola1
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(Johns Hopkins University),
Dorothy M. Davis (Johns Hopkins University)+ -3 AuthorsNeil J. Stone40
Estimated H-index: 40
(NU: Northwestern University)
Abstract Despite continued advances in health care, the cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality rate has plateaued in recent years and appears to be trending upward. Poor diet is a leading cause of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus, which are leading contributors to CVD morbidity and mortality. Although dietary modification is a cornerstone of CVD prevention, implementation in clinical practice is limited by inadequate formal training in nutrition science. In this report, we review the individ...
Vidhu Anand1
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(Mayo Clinic),
Robert P. Frantz40
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(Mayo Clinic)
+ -3 AuthorsGurpreet S. Sandhu15
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(Mayo Clinic)
Abstract Objective To evaluate the safety and efficacy of balloon pulmonary angioplasty (BPA) in patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) seen at a US medical center. Patients and Methods Patients with inoperable or residual postendarterectomy CTEPH who underwent BPA at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, between August 11, 2014, and May 17, 2018, were included. Invasive hemodynamic, clinical, laboratory, and echocardiographic data were collected and analyzed retrospe...
Patompong Ungprasert18
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(MU: Mahidol University),
Jay H. Ryu73
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(Mayo Clinic),
Eric Lawrence Matteson68
Estimated H-index: 68
(Mayo Clinic)
Abstract The focus of this review is current knowledge about the epidemiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and treatment of both pulmonary sarcoidosis and extrapulmonary sarcoidosis. Although intrathoracic involvement is the hallmark of the disease, present in over 90% of patients, sarcoidosis can affect virtually any organ. Clinical presentations of sarcoidosis are diverse, ranging from asymptomatic, incidental findings to organ failure. Diagnosis requires the presence of noncaseating g...
Namita Jayaprakash2
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(HFH: Henry Ford Hospital),
JuneMee Chae (Mayo Clinic)+ 3 AuthorsBrian W Pickering (Mayo Clinic)
Abstract Objective To reliably improve diagnostic fidelity and identify delays using a standardized approach applied to the electronic medical records of patients with emerging critical illness. Patients and Methods This retrospective observational study at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, conducted June 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017, used a standard operating procedure applied to electronic medical records to identify variations in diagnostic fidelity and/or delay in adult patients with a rapid r...
Richard A. Helmers14
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(Mayo Clinic),
Bradley N. Doebbeling51
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(ASU: Arizona State University)
+ -3 AuthorsTimothy A. Miksch1
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(Mayo Clinic)
Abstract Objective To systematically examine clinical workflows before and after a major electronic health record (EHR) implementation, we performed this study. EHR implementation and/or conversion are associated with many challenges, which are barriers to optimal care. Clinical workflows may be significantly affected by EHR implementations and conversions, resulting in provider frustration and reduced efficiency. Patients and Methods Our institution completed a large EHR conversion and workflow...
Paige K. Marty (Mayo Clinic), Paul J. Novotny61
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(Mayo Clinic),
Roberto P Benzo20
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(Mayo Clinic)
Abstract The primary objective of this study was to investigate the association of loneliness and the incidence of ED visits in a large and well-characterized cohort of patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); the association of loneliness with performance measures and health perception was the secondary objective. Baseline data were used from the National Emphysema Treatment Trial (NETT), which investigated the effectiveness of lung volume reduction surgery in patients...
Atousa Deljou1
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(Mayo Clinic),
Darrell R. Schroeder68
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(Mayo Clinic)
+ -3 AuthorsToby N. Weingarten27
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(Mayo Clinic)
Abstract Objective To determine whether time to first postoperative bowel movement after intraperitoneal surgery differs among neuromuscular blockade reversal with either anticholinesterase/anticholinergic combination vs sugammadex. Patients and Methods Sugammadex was introduced to our practice in October 2016. Patients were identified who underwent intraperitoneal surgery between January 1, through June 30, 2016, and January 1 through June 30, 2017, and received aminosteroid neuromuscular block...