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Published on Jan 22, 2019in Annals of global health 1.89
Oladunni Enilari (Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center), Sumita Sinha1
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(Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
Asthma is a disease characterized by chronic airway inflammation, leading to intermittent symptoms of wheeze, dyspnea, cough and chest tightness in combination with variable expiratory airway obstruction. Clinical diagnosis is usually established based on the presence of symptoms and documented variability in expiratory airflow limitation as measured by pulmonary function testing. Presently, asthma is a major chronic disease affecting approximately 334 million people worldwide. The epidemic spar...
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Published on Feb 28, 2019in Annals of global health 1.89
Joshua Kwabena Aniaku (University of Health and Allied Sciences), Edem Kojo Amedonu (University of Health and Allied Sciences), Adam Fusheini1
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(University of Health and Allied Sciences)
Background: Viral hepatitis B is a disease condition of the liver caused by the hepatitis B virus, and it leads to complications such as cancer and cirrhosis. This poses an occupational hazard because about 66,000 health care workers get infected with the virus annually. Adequate knowledge and right attitude of health workers are required to prevent the disease. Compared to average health care workers, trainee nurses are more vulnerable to the disease due to inadequate knowledge on infection con...
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Published on Jan 22, 2019in Annals of global health 1.89
Juan P. Wisnivesky11
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(Mount Sinai Hospital),
Juan Pablo de Torres Tajes22
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(University of Navarra)
Diseases of the respiratory system are a leading cause of morbidity, mortality and disability worldwide. The lungs are constantly exposed to a myriad of noxious agents present in ambient air, such as particles, chemicals and infectious organisms. At least 2 billion people are exposed globally to the toxic smoke produced by combustion of biomass fuel, inefficiently burned in poorly ventilated indoor stoves or fireplaces used for cooking or warming. One billion people inhale polluted outdoor air, ...
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Published on Jan 22, 2019in Annals of global health 1.89
Julie A. Barta1
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(Thomas Jefferson University),
Charles A. Powell32
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(Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai),
Juan P. Wisnivesky41
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(Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)
While lung cancer has been the leading cause of cancer-related deaths for many years in the United States, incidence and mortality statistics – among other measures – vary widely worldwide. The aim of this study was to review the evidence on lung cancer epidemiology, including data of international scope with comparisons of economically, socially, and biologically different patient groups. In industrialized nations, evolving social and cultural smoking patterns have led to rising or plateauing r...
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More than 100 different conditions are grouped under the term interstitial lung disease (ILD). A diagnosis of an ILD primarily relies on a combination of clinical, radiological, and pathological criteria, which should be evaluated by a multidisciplinary team of specialists. Multiple factors, such as environmental and occupational exposures, infections, drugs, radiation, and genetic predisposition have been implicated in the pathogenesis of these conditions. Asbestosis and other pneumoconiosis, h...
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Published on Mar 18, 2019in Annals of global health 1.89
Karen Charron2
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Anna Kalbarczyk1
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+ 3 AuthorsElli Leontsini17
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Published on Mar 4, 2019in Annals of global health 1.89
Colleen Kershaw (Dartmouth–Hitchcock Medical Center), Margaret Williams (The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center)+ 5 AuthorsTomer Barak (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)
Background: Mortality among adult general medical admissions has been reported to be high across sub-Saharan Africa, yet there is a paucity of literature on causes of general medical inpatient mortality and quality-related factors that may contribute to the high incidence of deaths. Based on a prior study at our hospital as well as our clinical experience, death early in the hospitalization is common among patients admitted to the adult medical wards. Objective: Quantify early inpatient mortalit...
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