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Based on two different types of researches, this article explores how teachers’ judgements for the school performance of pupils in the last three grades of the elementary school, relate to their performance in written assessment tests. The aim was to examine the teachers’ judgement accuracy and reliability, and investigate the individual factors that influence them. A series of tests was assigned to the pupils and a variety of writing and word processing skills was measured. The classroom teache...
#1Rose L. Monroe (Freed–Hardeman University)
#2Stephen Marvin (Freed–Hardeman University)
Teacher effectiveness is one of the most influential factors on student achievement. Therefore, it is vitally important to appropriately coach teachers toward increased effectiveness. This qualitative research study explored and compared the types of multi-level instructional coaching utilized within higher performing and lower performing elementary schools throughout Tennessee, as identified by both instructional coaches and classroom teachers. Additionally, participants shared their perception...
People dealing with music do not usually deal with other fields. Artist spirits do not allow for this reason; Music teacher candidates have difficulty in non-music lessons during their student years. The subject of this study is why non-field courses force them, how they will succeed and how they will achieve it. This research; It aims to determine how students of the Faculty of Education, Department of Fine Arts Education, Department of Music Education, view their perspectives on courses outsid...
Sports coaching in Hungary is an established profession. The coaching workforce, which is diverse in terms of age and coaching experience, is trained and paid. This study aimed to illustrate the impact of age on coaches’ values, beliefs and attitudes towards various aspects of their jobs. A total of 152 basketball coaches (105 male and 47 female) working in Hungary, with an average of 12.9 years (±11.5) coaching experience participated in an online survey. They were categorized into five age-gro...
The article illustrates an overview of the various types of police training in the United States. It includes types of mandatory minimum annual training within the states, the purpose, importance, and benefits of various types of police training. The types of training include basic training (e.g., sponsored academy basic training and preservice self-pay basic training), field training officer (FTO), roll-call training (e.g., recent incidents, new updates), inservice training (e.g., legal updates...
Creating and maintaining a positive school climate is paramount for student well-being. This climate is marked by a teaching and learning environment that can foster positive student outcomes, such as academic achievement, and decrease negative student outcomes, such as absenteeism (Thapa, Cohen, Guffey, & Higgins-D’Alessandro, 2013). One approach to creating a positive and inclusive school climate that welcomes diversity is the development of safe spaces or safe zones on campus. Given the lack ...
Many definitions have been made about music. Soykan (2002 P: 1) defines music as “explaining the effect that it awakens in the audience with stimulation, impression, affect”. According to (Sun et. al., 1969), music is the art of expression with sound and rhythm (Ucan et. al., 1996) is the music as art; It defines as a whole that describes certain situations, phenomena and events in an aesthetic structure with harmonious sounds that are combined with a certain purpose and method, with a certain u...
Children with intellectual disabilities (IDs) show deficits in social information processing (SIP) that increased the risk of social maladjustment. As social inclusion is a major preoccupation for professionals and parents, it is important to know how foster SIP among these children, in order to support their understanding of social situations, their emotion regulation and social adjustment. The present study tested the efficacy of a new “SIP program for children”, considering specific strengths...
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