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The expected values of the probabilities of identity by descent are derived for the circular stepping-stone model. The results are more easily interpreted than those derived previously.Key words: model, population, ecology.
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Genetic factors affecting spermatogenesis, sperm morphology, and chromatin structure in mice were estimated using a diallel cross of the inbred lines C3H/HeJ, C57BL/6J, DBA/2J, and BALB/cByJ. Flow cytometry of acridine orange stained cells was used to evaluate (i) proportions of testicular tetraploid, diploid, and haploid cells and (ii) nuclear chromatin structure of sperm, measured by resistance of chromatin to in situ acid denaturation, and quantified by the ratio of double- to single-stranded...
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Polyclonal antibodies to 18-kilodalton (kDa) heat-shock proteins (HSPs) and to the high molecular weight (73 000 – 89 000) HSPs from 5- day-old maize plumules have been produced in rabbits. The antisera to high molecular weight HSPs show minor cross-reactivity to proteins of similar molecular mass in not heat-shocked tissues, while antisera to 18-kDa HSPs react only with this 18-kDa HSP class. HSPs of similar molecular mass and isoelectric points in maize plumules, mesocotyls, radicles, and youn...
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Subjecting 5-day-old maize seedlings to a rapid elevation in growth temperature (heat shock; 25–42 °C) results in a shift in the pattern of protein synthesis in maize plumules from the production o...
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An acrotrisomic plant was identified in the progeny of a telotrisomic for 1S. The acrocentric chromosome had a complete short arm (5S) and 40% of the proximal segment of the long arm (5L). Morphology of the acrotrisomic 5S5L was similar to the primary trisomic (triplo 5) and triplo 5L. At meiosis the acrocentric 5S5L either paired with its normal homologues forming a trivalent or remained as a univalent. Seed fertility was high. Transmission of the acrocentric was 37.6% through the female and 9%...
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Two nonallelic Four-spore mutants are known in which ascospore walls enclose the four immediate products of meiosis rather than the normal eight products of a postmeiotic mitosis. Expression depend...
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One of 18 Chorthippus vagans males from a natural population was heterozygous for an interchange between the L1 and M4 chromosomes when examined cytologically. Chiasma distribution within multiple chromosome configurations and the relation between chiasma formation in the interstitial segments and centromere orientation were investigated. Our results confirm previous observations that adjacent-2 is the most common orientation in absence of chiasmata on the interstitial segments.Key words: Chorth...
The effects of single wild-type immigrants on populations of Tribolium castaneum initially homozygous for the antennapedia (ap) allele were examined in reference to gene frequencies and age structu...
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Estimates of heritability (h2) of blood pressure level and the number of loci controlling the trait were derived from two genetic crosses involving the Milan hypertensive strain of rat and its control with normal blood pressure. In the genetic cross involving backcrosses, the estimates were h2 = 64% and the number of loci was two or three; there was some evidence of dominance of the alleles for normal blood pressures. In the other cross with only F2's, the degree of genetic determination (herita...
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We have examined the expression of heat shock or stress genes in fish, echinoderm, amphibian, and mammalian embryonic systems. In a Chinook salmon embryo cell line, elevation of the incubation temperature or exposure to metal ions (e.g., cadmium and zinc) induced a set of heat-shock proteins HSPs. Transcriptional inhibitor, in vitro translation, and Northern hybridization studies suggest that fish HSP synthesis is regulated at the transcriptional level. The synthesis of HSPs during early develop...
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