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Religion has always been an extraordinary element of social cohesion, despite the fact that over the centuries its structure and power of influence adjusted to the epochal changes that, especially during the 20th century, have affected societies in the world. Through research, we wanted to highlight the features that characterise the concept of religiosity among young university students, with a focus on the intensity of religious sentiment, the relationship with God and, contextually, the relig...
This paper examines the experiences of intimate partner violence among African immigrant women living in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. In-depth interviews were conducted and audio-recorded with 20 African immigrant women who have lived in Canada for five years. Interviews were transcribed verbatim and analysed using thematic content analysis. The study showed that IPV is common in African communities and affects the mental health and quality of life of survivors. The women noted that poor integratio...
This study used a structural equation modelling approach to assess the association between employee work-life policies, psychological empowerment, and academic staff job commitment in universities in Cross River State, Nigeria. Three null hypotheses were formulated to guide the study following a descriptive survey research design. Multistage sampling procedure was adopted in the selection of 315 academic staff from two universities in the study area. “Work-Life Policies, Psychological Empowermen...
The study was carried out to evaluate the Vocational Development initiatives of the Nigerian secondary education curricula introduced by the National Education Research and Development Council (NERDC). Five research questions were formulated to guide the study. Descriptive survey design was adopted. The study was carried out in Kogi State. Sample for the study was 220 respondents made up of 102 male and 118 female senior secondary school students offering trade subjects. A structured questionnai...
The purpose of this study describes historical fact background character of bissu and describes historical fact of the life character of bissu. The historical aspect in question is how history is rewritten in the novel Tiba Sebelum Berangkat. This study is a qualitative descriptive study, using a mimetic approach is based on Plato's perspective. The validity of the data used to observe the semantic validity of the data units of words, sentences, discourse, dialogue, which is found in the novel. ...
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The goal of this research is to study the factors that determine the intention of unsecured personal debt with credit cards using the Ajzen Planned Behavior Theory model (1991). Using the data of 450 Ecuadorian professionals and a model of structural equations estimated by partial least squares, the attitudes, subjective norms and perceived control that guide people towards the intention of this debt were identified. The importance of this study is its contribution to understanding the factors t...
The Syrian Hajj (Pilgrimage) Road, which links Damascus with the holy cities of Medina and Mecca in Saudi Arabia, was a historical road supplying the most basic needs of the pilgrims during this long journey. Most important are the water control and storage systems facilities which are reflected as archaeological remains. This paper discusses the water supply installations associated with the Hajj route with special reference to the Ottoman fort of Fassou’ah as one of the Hajj stations in southe...
This study aims to explore discourses of respect in the Education Department of a Young Offenders Institution (HMYOI X). The research builds upon the existing literature on the concept of respect both in restorative justice and in prisons to develop a deeper understanding of perspectives on respect in custodial education. More specifically, the study examines a self-narrative elicited from a teacher working in a YOI in England to investigate the discourses of respect which prevail in a custodial...
This study was on the influence of sex and age on depression among first year undergraduates in Cross River State, Nigeria. The population of the study was 2,800 first year students of the two Universities in Cross River State (University of Calabar and Cross River State University of Science and Technology). A sample of 560 first year students was drawn from the institutions to take part in the study using random sampling technique. This comprised of 269 males and 291 females. A questionnaire w...
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