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In recent years, the concept of organizational resilience has largely attracted the interest of academicians and practitioners alike. A fair number of researches have been conducted on developing the concept of organizational resilience. However, there seems to be a lack of consensus over its conceptualization mainly because the concept itself is prodigious and is used in a variety of disciplines. Furthermore, research within the domain of organizational resilience has been outcome oriented; how...
The study is an attempt to unearth the current state of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) adoption and implementation in both manufacturing and service firms. Drawing on the conceptualization of multiple theories based in technology acceptance and innovation diffusion model, this study examines the above objectives with a particular reference to the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT). Following the deductive reasoning approach, we applied a self-administered questionnair...
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This study aims to explore the management practices of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with regard to knowledge storage and knowledge accessibility. Data were gathered from public sector HEIs in Peshawar using semi-structured interviews. Based on previous studies, themes and management practices were identified for knowledge storage and knowledge accessibility. Data were analyzed using content analysis, wherein matching themes and emergent themes were identified. The findings of the study r...
At present, open innovation (OI) practices have gained traction in all industries, particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). However, only a few Malaysian SMEs practice OI and there is limited literature available on OI practices in Malaysian SMEs. To address this issue, the main objective of the current study is to reveal the challenges of OI and the role of financial constraints in Malaysian SMEs. To achieve this objective, this study implemented the quantitative approach and ...
The current study focus on performance politics regarding appraisal in order to analyze the performance of employees, to interpret job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and employee’s turnover in the banking sector of Pakistan. At the same time, employees’ intrinsic motivation and satisfaction will were investigated as possible mediators. For this purpose, data was collected from the selected sample of various bank employees across different districts in KPK and Islamabad. Data was analyz...
This is a research paper that is concentrated on assessing service marketing developments and medical tourism and its impacts on the of private hospital provision in Bangkok, in terms of rationale, application and engagement. An interpretive methodology was utilised in order to help understand the senior marketing management perceptions underpinning hospital services marketing developments directed towards medical tourism. The scope for this research were private hospital on-site senior marketin...
This study aims at investigating the reality of social responsibility, and its ethical dimensions in educational business organizations in addition to knowing the prevailing advantages and disadvantages. The sample of the study consisted of northern Jordanian universities were 210 male and female as respondents to a questionnaire. 200 questionnaires were valid for statistical analysis in order to achieve the purposes of this study; the researcher adopted a descriptive approach. This study utiliz...
Entry into international markets involves several levels of risks. These are political, economic and non-systemic (specific) risks of industry and positioning. Success in international business depends upon controlling and reducing these risks. The international experience of controlling these risks is not satisfactory. Companies, that have been very successful in the national market, stumble in the international markets. This paper first looks at the theory of risk management across different l...
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