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Perspectives on medical education
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Introduction Not all medical students who intercalate research degrees go on to completion. No study to date has investigated the specific reasons. Understanding this minority would fill an important research gap.
Published on Jul 25, 2019in Perspectives on medical education
Paula T. Ross10
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Nikki L. Bibler Zaidi3
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Published on Jul 9, 2019in Perspectives on medical education
Cathelijn J. F. Waaijer9
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(LUMC: Leiden University Medical Center),
Belinda W. C. Ommering1
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Introduction Engagement of clinicians in research is important for the integration of science and clinical practice. However, at this moment, there is a shortage of clinician-scientists. Success experiences can stimulate student interest in a research career. Conducting actual research leading to publication is a potential method to gain success experience. This study assessed whether publication as a medical student is associated with publication after graduation. We determined whether medical ...