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Enzyme-catalyzed processes are currently a powerful tool in the chemical industry due to the reduction of process time, specificity, eco-friendly characteristics, intake of low energy input, lower cost and nontoxic properties. Laccases are versatile enzymes, which catalyze oxidation reactions coupled to four-electron reduction of molecular oxygen to water. Laccases are used for decolorization and detoxification of industrial effluents and are widely used in wastewater treatment. For improving en...
P-graph framework that was originally developed for processing network synthesis (PNS), has been extended to heat exchanger network synthesis (HENS). On the basis of the new formulation, PNS and HENS can be solved simultaneously by adapting the formerly developed P-graph algorithms. Therefore, the optimality of the overall synthesis procedure can be guaranteed, which is not possible for the traditional sequential procedures of PNS and HENS. The solution of a case study illustrates that the proce...
Thermal process is typically nonlinear and uncertain. The control design becomes even more challenging in the presence of time-varying delay. Active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) has been shown to be an effective tool in dealing with real world problems of dynamic uncertainties and nonlinearities. In particular, to overcome the time-varying delay, time delay compensation based ADRC method is addressed. Contrary to Smith predictor, the most ef?cient feature of the proposed method is that i...
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In this work, the results of the investigation of catalytic activity of iron subgroup metal-containing catalysts in the process of pyrolysis of flax shive are presented. The influence of iron subgroup metals oxides, nitrates, and chlorides on flax shive pyrolysis process the samples with 10 % content of mineral compounds was investigated by thermogravimetric analysis. The natural and synthetic zeolite materials (ZSM-5) were used as metal-containing catalysts in the pyrolysis process of flax shiv...
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The SCO2 (supercritical carbon dioxide) Brayton cycle has been recommended to the marine industry due to its high efficiency, small volume and low weight. However, the undulation and sway of ships aroused by the wind and sea waves in the marine environment may generate the periodic changes in multiple forces, and finally leading to the unstable performance of the SCO2 Brayton cycle. Phase change material (PCM) system grabs much attention for its large heat storage capacity and stabilized operati...
Heat exchanger network (HEN) and utility system are both important compositions in chemical industry. Heat exchanger network contributes to recover heat from process streams and sometimes consumes external heat resources when heat demand is not satisfied by itself. Rankine cycle-based utility system supplies steams to motivate processes if external heat is needed, meanwhile produces power in turbine. Thus, there is great necessity to synthesize HEN and utility system simultaneously. In this work...
The operation pressure levels of refinery hydrogenation units (e.g., hydrocrackers and hydro-treaters) and hydrogen supply units (i.e., hydrogen plant and continuous catalyst reforming unit) are normally different. The hydrogen compressors (i.e., make-up hydrogen and recycle hydrogen compressors) are widely utilized to raise the pressure of the hydrogen-rich streams. The valves are also used to reduce the pressure of hydrogen-rich streams, and this leads to the waste of power. Hydrogen turbines ...
With an increase in variable and sometimes uncertain renewable generation coming on-line, there is an associated increase in the importance of energy storage to balance supply and demand. The gas network already stores and transports energy, and it has the potential to play a significant role for longer term energy storage. In addition, gas and electrical grids are becoming more integrated with fast responding gas-fired power stations, providing the main source of back up for renewable electrici...
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Carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) is widely recognised as a key mitigation technology that can significantly reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. This study develops an optimisation framework focused on the economic and environmental aspects of Northeast China CCUS supply chain. The overall network is economically optimised over a 20 years’ time horizon to provide the geographic location and scale of capture and sequestration sites as well as the most convenient transport routes. Th...
The current trends in the field of waste management involves the use of modern technologies such as wireless sensors. The smart waste management with Sensor Technology involves an integration of the so-called smart trash bins and containers into existing network by using sensors that fill level of the bins and containers. Apart from the technological aspects of the problem, this arrangement points to the need of development of new decision-making tools that allow collectors to make fast and smar...
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