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Since December 2019, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has infected over four million people worldwide. There are multiple reports of prolonged viral shedding in people infected with SARS-CoV-2 but the presence of viral RNA on a test does not necessarily correlate with infectivity. The duration of quarantine required after clinical recovery to definitively prevent transmission is therefore uncertain. In addition, asymptomatic and presymptomatic transmission may occur, ...
#1Corey H. Basch (WPUNJ: William Paterson University)H-Index: 13
#2Grace Clarke Hillyer (Columbia University)H-Index: 13
Last. Nasia Quinones (WPUNJ: William Paterson University)
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Abstract Background Given that individuals may make health decisions based on mass media coverage, and given that such decisions have broad consequences in the case of highly contagious infectious disease, it is imperative that public health practitioners are aware of mass media coverage on emerging health threats such as COVID-19. The purpose of this study was to examine the content of news segments covering COVID-19 posted on-line. Methods Using the Google Videos function on a cleared browser,...
Abstract Background Nosocomial pathogens are transmitted by contamination of surfaces causing healthcare-associated infections (HAI). The impact of locally produced disinfectant with operational training as a means to improve hygiene in resource-limited healthcare facilities and prevent HAI was evaluated. Method In Burkina Faso, 4 types of electro-chlorinator devices that convert salt and water into sodium hypochlorite through electrolysis were installed in 26 healthcare facilities distributed a...
#1Fan Peijin Esther Monica (SGH: Singapore General Hospital)
#2Fazila Aloweni (SGH: Singapore General Hospital)H-Index: 4
Last. Tracy Carol Ayre (SGH: Singapore General Hospital)H-Index: 2
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Abstract The COVID-19 pandemic has an overwhelming impact on the nursing profession. Nurses play a vital role before and during pandemics, with nurse leaders taking the lead in preparation for outbreaks. In response to an outbreak, early recognition and preparation for the increasing threat, managing staffing challenges together with the well-being of nurses are of utmost importance. Strategies to promote physical distancing while not compromising continuing nursing education and patient care ar...
Abstract The recent outbreak of the novel COVID-19 is posing a severe public health risk across the globe. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is one of the greatest destinations of religious congregations of Muslims. One of the largest religious gatherings is the Hajj that is anticipated to produce serious challenges of mass level exposures and spread to every corner of the world. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah (KSA), must regularly analyze the prevailing ...
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#1Hiroki Kitagawa (Hiroshima University)H-Index: 1
#2Kayoko Tadera (Hiroshima University)
Last. Hiroki Ohge (Hiroshima University)H-Index: 26
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Abstract Background Contamination of healthcare environments by multidrug-resistant organisms (MDRO) and Clostridioides difficile is a risk for healthcare-associated infections. The efficacy of pulsed xenon ultraviolet (PX-UV) disinfection in healthcare environments has been described previously. However, there are few reports about PX-UV disinfection in Japan. The aim of this study was to investigate in vitro the efficacy of PX-UV disinfection of MDRO and C. difficile spores commonly isolated i...
#1Ma T (UNSW: University of New South Wales)H-Index: 1
#1Tara Ma (UNSW: University of New South Wales)
Last. Raina MacIntyre (Kirby Institute)H-Index: 33
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Abstract Background International students frequently return to their country of origin to visit friends and relatives (VFR), and are at increased risk of travel-associated infections. Little is known of their travel health seeking behaviours. China is the biggest source of international students studying in Australia and the unprecedented epidemic of COVID-19 in China makes this an important area of research. Methods Focus groups of Chinese international students were conducted to explore trave...
#1Brett G MitchellH-Index: 15
#2Alexandra McGhie (QUT: Queensland University of Technology)H-Index: 1
Last. Nicole WhiteH-Index: 6
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Abstract Background Environmental cleaning is an important approach to reducing healthcare-associated infection. The aim of this short research paper is to describe changes in the efficacy of post-discharge cleaning by examining the amount of bio-burden on frequent touch points (FTPs) in patient areas, using a validated Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) bioluminescence sampling method. In so doing, we present findings from a secondary outcome of a recent trial, the Researching Effective Approaches to...
#1Naveen Manchal (Townsville Hospital)
#2Mohamed Reffai Syed Mohamed (Townsville Hospital)
Last. Robert M. Norton (Townsville Hospital)H-Index: 22
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Abstract Background Our study aimed to describe the incidence, epidemiology of respiratory viruses and outcomes in hospital acquired viral respiratory infections (HAVRI). Methods We conducted a retrospective observational study on all adults and children with hospital acquired viral respiratory infections between July 2012 and April 2019. Clinical and microbiological data were collected in a major tertiary level hospital in North Queensland. Morbidity indicators were the length of stay, need for...
#2Blake Knapman (Wollongong Hospital)
Last. Michelle GilesH-Index: 13
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Abstract Background The past 20 years have seen increasing Caesarean section (CS) rates in Australia. Increasing antenatal morbidity means that post-CS surgical site infection (SSI) is an issue impacting Australian women, mostly low-socioeconomic and regional communities. Recent trends supporting development of evidence-based bundled approaches to SSI reduction, have not proved efficacy nor supported bundle implementation. Aims This pilot study aimed to develop, implement and assess an evidence-...
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