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Veterinary Nursing Journal
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ABSTRACTVeterinary nurses (RVNs) have an established role within small animal practices, conducting weight management and diabetes clinics to help clients with the correct home care of their pets. ...
ABSTRACTModern veterinary medicine now means pets are living longer, and in turn the profession is diagnosing and treating more diseases such as cancer. Receiving the diagnosis of cancer in their b...
Published on Aug 3, 2019in Veterinary Nursing Journal
Courtney Waxman (Purdue University)
AbstractA Humboldt penguin chick presented with dyspnoea. Radiographs showed opacities on the lungs and radio-opaque material within the ventriculus. A ventriculotomy was performed to remove the opacities (which were pebbles) and nutritional, medical and supportive nursing care was provided. Despite recovering well, the chick presented dyspnoeic again a few weeks later. With diagnostic testing indicative of chronic aspergillosis, the chick was given a poor prognosis, and the decision was made to...
AbstractThis article aims to provide a critical review of the literature with respect to raw diets for canines and felines. Raw diets have increased greatly in popularity; therefore, it is important that veterinary nurses are aware of it. There are differing views on this diet within the veterinary community, but it is important that clients receive objective advice. The review concluded that the main issues of raw diets were limited owner knowledge on the nutritional value and the associated ma...