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This paper examines the geography of civic voluntary participation in northern Adelaide, South Australia. Voluntary participation refers to the spectrum of activities encompassing formal volunteering with an organisation, participation in clubs and societies and informal neighbourhood activities. We review the literature on the geography of voluntary participation and address data from the 2005 Northern Adelaide Social Inclusion Survey of two thousand respondents conducted by the SA Department o...
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Many organisations across the sector are increasingly finding that the ageing population also means an increase in the number of older volunteers in their organisations. This paper will present the findings of a recently completed doctoral study which investigated what happens when the manager of volunteers believes that a volunteer's performance is declining and that this decline may be associated with ageing. The mixed method approach employed sensemaking as a diagnostic tool, and the findings...
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Drawing on the results of a mixed methods study conducted in inner Melbourne in 2007, this paper contends that the benefits of volunteering may offset some of the debilitating ill-effects of unemployment and underemployment; and that Work for the Dole, the dominant participation option for the long-term unemployed, is less effective in this regard. On this basis, it argues that volunteering is underutilised in the Government's economic and social participation framework in spite of implementation ...
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This paper seeks to describe the volunteering experiences of female single parents engaged in Australia's welfare-to-work program. Interviews were conducted with 26 single parents who had been required to increase their hours of work as a condition of the Centrelink policy introduced in 2006. To analyse the data, the technique of rich point analysis was employed which identified three key concepts central to the women's experiences. These concepts included the nature of a decent job, notions of ...
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In the Australian context, there is a gap in the amount of published research into the psychological contract generally, and particularly in regard to voluntary workers. This paper presents and discusses survey data on the psychological contracts, motivation, values, and job satisfaction of volunteers in a sample of five hospitals in Australia. In doing so, it shows that the sample volunteers perceive their psychological contracts to include economic, socio-emotional and ideology-related contrib...
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Although volunteering is a strongly held value in many Christian churches, there may be important denominational differences in the extent to which this volunteering is encouraged as a church activity or whether attendees volunteer in the wider community. Some information about the voluntary activities of church attendees across Australia was collected as part of the National Church Life Surveys in 1991, 1996, 2001 and 2006. This analysis examined denominational differences in volunteering withi...
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Volunteer coaches play a significant role in the provision of sport and have a great impact on those they coach. Issues such as increasing numbers of athletes, coupled with more stringent legislation affecting safety and child protection, are putting added pressure on coaches. Some of the consequences are burnout and high drop out rates. The purpose of this research is to examine the organisational and the occupational commitment of volunteer coaches in community-based sporting organisations and...
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The current study examines the relevance of two theoretical approaches, socio-structural resources theory and the functional analysis of behaviour theory, to understand volunteer behaviour of older adults. The aims of this study were to ascertain whether volunteering is associated with greater wellbeing in older Australians; to identify whether volunteers and non-volunteers differ in their socio-structural resources; to explore older adults' motivations for volunteering, and to investigate the r...
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The aim of this research is to gain a greater understanding of the motivations and satisfaction levels of volunteers in a community-based walking program from the volunteer’s perspective. This research focused on the motivations of volunteer walk organisers involved in two structured walking programs ‘Just Walk It’ (funded by the Queensland Government), and ‘Gonewalking’ (funded by the Brisbane City Council). Both programs are delivered by the Heart Foundation and the research was conducted with...
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The value of formal volunteering has received attention from researchers seeking to measure volunteer contributions economically and more recently the social capital discourse has brought attention to the community and social benefits of volunteering. Few studies have examined the volunteers' perceptions of the value that their activities generate for the organisation they support; for other potential beneficiaries (including clients); and for the wider community. This paper uses data from 37 in...
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