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Background Many freshwater fish species that were earlier appreciated by consumers have disappeared in the central, north and west European foodways. Although they were regarded as healthy and tasty, commercially captured marine species and highly processed products have nowadays replaced these fishes. The global transformations of the food system contribute to the erosion of many local foodstuffs. Habitual tastes disappear.
#1Manoj Kumar (ICAR: Indian Council of Agricultural Research)H-Index: 10
Paruthi Paal is a very nutritious drink that is very much popular in the Tamil Nadu state of India. Paruthi Paal is regarded as “triple-nutrient” as it is a very rich source of protein, essential fatty acids, and sugars and can be called as an energy drink. The present paper will be focussed on developing a process protocol for the preparation of the nutrient-rich product “Paruthi Paal” from the traditional knowledge available. The paper also focusses on typical ingredients required for making t...
#1Daniela Penafiel (ESPOL: Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral)H-Index: 1
#2Wouter Vanhove (UGent: Ghent University)H-Index: 8
Last. Patrick Van Damme (UGent: Ghent University)H-Index: 30
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Background Worldwide, the number of wild and domesticated food species is declining, which endangers dietary diversity of particularly indigenous people. Unfortunately, eating culture and traditional knowledge is also hampered when food species are no longer available.
#1Tharani Devi Natarajan (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham)H-Index: 1
#2Janci Rani Ramasamy (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham)H-Index: 1
Last. Kirthika Palanisamy (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham)H-Index: 1
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Food synergy is a concept of linking foods to health. Food consists of mixtures of nutrients, serving as a fuel for the body. When synergistic foods are put together, the evidence for potential health benefits becomes stronger than individual foods. Nutrient deficiency is a known phenomenon in many individuals, and synergy plays a very important role in combating the nutritional deficiency. Today’s consumer expresses high interest to build knowledge on the active role of food in their well-being...
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#1Chairy (President University)
#2Jhanghiz Syahrivar (Corvinus University of Budapest)
Indonesia is an archipelago with more than 17,000 islands and more than 300 ethnic groups. Today, the country has 35 provinces, and each province has its own local culture, language, and ethnic food. Medan is the capital of North Sumatra province which is one of the most populated provinces in Indonesia. One of the popular and authentic food souvenirs for tourists who visit Medan is Bika Ambon. Arguably, it is one of the most delicate cakes in terms of preparation and taste. The ingredients of B...
#1Abdelhadi Halawa (MU: Millersville University of Pennsylvania)
A better understanding of the effect of environmental temperature variation on appetite and food intake may inform the public of adopting appropriate prophylactic eating behaviors. Seasonal weather temperature variation has been shown to have adverse effects on appetite and food intake in humans. The main purpose of this study was to examine the effect of environmental temperature variation on the appetite and eating patterns in Chinese adults. Cross-sectional analysis of data obtained from 1297...
#1Mebrahtom Gebrelibanos Hiben (WUR: Wageningen University and Research Centre)H-Index: 1
#2Jochem Louisse (WUR: Wageningen University and Research Centre)H-Index: 15
Last. Ivonne M. C. M. Rietjens (WUR: Wageningen University and Research Centre)H-Index: 53
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Wild edible plants are valuable resources for improving food and nutritional security. Besides, they may provide important health benefits since the health-promoting components of plant-based foods usually exist at higher levels in wild plants. As a result, they are being sought as under-exploited potential sources of a health-promoting diet or a possible strategy to develop novel foods. In such exploration, ethnobotanical and ethnomedicinal data offer a fundamental step. The present study provi...
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Background In Uzbekistan, local people consumed camel milk products since ancient time. Camel milk is a source of energy and nutrients which are consumed as raw or fermented products and also provides various potential health benefits for human.
#1A. O. Ogunleke (UKZN: University of KwaZulu-Natal)
#2L. J. S. Baiyegunhi (UKZN: University of KwaZulu-Natal)H-Index: 7
An understanding of dietary knowledge will most likely inform the consumption of healthy foods. Studies have shown that local (ofada) rice is superior to other rice brands in terms of protein and minerals crucial for overall mental and physical well-being. This study, therefore, examined the effect of households’ dietary knowledge on the consumption of local (ofada) rice, using a simultaneous equation system that accommodates censored dependent variable and continuous endogenous dietary knowledg...
#1Isaac Yeboah Addo (UNSW: University of New South Wales)
#2Loren Brener (UNSW: University of New South Wales)H-Index: 15
Last. John de Wit (UNSW: University of New South Wales)H-Index: 37
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A considerable amount of research suggests that several ‘immigrants’ from low-and-middle income countries often adopt less healthy dietary and physical activity behaviours after settling in high income countries, which may lead to increased risk of weight-related diseases. Several studies have also reported that post-migration changes in dietary and physical activity behaviours are associated with acculturation. Given that social cognitive factors are proximal determinants of behaviour, understa...
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