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Journal of Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences
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India continues to have the persisting environmental problem of disposal of expired, unused, unwanted medicines. Since this has not been studied well, the exact repercussions, therefore, are not hitherto known fully. There are no laws in country worthy of handling this problem. The municipal corporations handling the waste have not been sensitized to it. The media are insensitive to it, and populations are disorganized to take up the issue. Hence, the environment continues to suffer and will end...
Background: Antimicrobial resistance is a global health challenge with the increasing drug-resistant organisms even in community. Hence, there is a need for search of other alternatives to the antimicrobials which can replace or boost the activity of existing antimicrobials. Camellia sinensis ( C. sinensis ) is one of the most popular beverages worldwide and has been reported to demonstrate the antimicrobial activity against various pathogenic bacteria. Aim: The aim is to evaluate the antimicrob...