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This paper focuses on written corrective feedback and its challenges for teachers working with adult learners in the English language classroom. The teachers introduced in this paper teach in dedicated language centres, specifically a private college specialising in journalism courses and a university English language centre. Both teachers teach academic preparation courses with a particular focus on writing. They each recognise that academic writing in a second language is new for their student...
Virtual reality (VR) may seem like something from a science-fiction movie: out of reach and too fantastic to contemplate. Its use in various fields is, however, more and more ubiquitous, and its impact on memory and well-being is increasingly documented. The introduction of affordable hardware and free smartphone apps has allowed VR to become accessible in education, and the release of Google's Expeditions app allows students to take virtual field trips to just about anywhere on the planet, whil...
Published on Jan 1, 2017in English Australia journal
Review(s) of: A Practical introduction to teacher training in ELT, by John Hughes, Pavilion, 2015.