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This study focused on the tourism impact on the culture of Kebonagung tourism village, Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta. The method used in this study was qualitative descriptive and using the case study approach. Data were collected through observation, interview and literature review. Cultural component data were presented descriptively, and they explained about how tourism brought effects to them. The transformational condition of the culture itself contained many aspects such as; religion, socio-...
This study aimed to find out the internal communication of front office department at Kytos Hotel Bandung. Communication is the important key in directing and coordinating of establishment. Poor communication of front office department will be impact to customer satisfaction and will decrease the revenue of the hotel. Problems arised in this research: 1) 1. How is the downward communication of front office department at Kytos Hotel Bandung?; 2) How is upward communication of front office departm...
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West Java Province has many tourism potencies, consisted of nature, history or culture. In its development, tourism in West Java has not delivered a strategic solution to problematic among the people. Referring to the Legislation of Tourism No.10/2009, one of the principles on tourism establishment is to provide benefit on people’s wealthy and to empower local people. In this study, the locus of Karang Paranje has been chosen by the consideration that Karang Paranje is a potential area to become...
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This paper aims to explain the importance of creating sustainable urban tourism. The method used is library research. Tourism is a useful activity that can preserve cultural and historical heritage and can prosper society. Throughout history, the city has become the focus of tourism activities, providing accommodation, entertainment and other facilities for tourists. Achieving sustainable urban development requires the preservation of historical sites and cultural structures. By preserving a cul...
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This study aims to understand the perceptions of local communities to participate in tourism development. The method used in the research is a quantitative approach. Questionnaires were distributed to local communities in major destinations in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. There were 200 data set analyzed by factor analysis. The result showed that from 28 indicators of community participation, eight groups of factors formed. The groups are 1) place attachments; 2) perception of negative consequ...
The capital structure became the foundation for a company. Conditions of the capital structure will greatly affect the survival of a company. The financial manager is obliged to maintain the stability and the good condition of the capital structure with capital sourced from the selection of internal and external. The company's profit is the source of internal capital, so that profitability has a relationship with the capital structure. The purpose of this study was to obtain evidence on whether ...
The main objective of this study was to capture and analyses the role of visual resources and time pressure as they affect customer behaviour in the hospitality industry. This study examined effective reactions on booking time and type based on vacation advertisements. The research method had a 3 x2 within-subjects design with 6 experimental conditions obtained by crossing the levels of two independent variables: 1) Time pressure (i.e., exact date, number of days left and counting-down timing); ...
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