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Thousands of children visit the dentist every year and even though general practitioners do their best to provide them with good oral health, there is always something that escapes our control: the way teeth and jaws are disposed of. According to research carried out in the UK almost 55 % of the children population has an orthodontic problem. So how should we general dentists know when it’s the right timing to refer these patients for their first appointment with an orthodontist when even specia...
Objective: The purpose behind this conducted study was clinical and laboratory assessments of the fit accuracies of cobaltchromium frameworks for removable partial dentures fabricated by traditional lost wax technique (TT), and the Light Cure Modeling Material Technique (LCMT). Materials and Methods: Sixteen healthy male Kennedy class I patients were selected from the specialty clinics in the Faculty of Dentistry, Taif University. The patients were divided into two Groups eight patients each; Gr...
Oral health is an important international public health issue; impacting individuals, communities, health systems, economies and society at large. More importantly, it is one of the most neglected areas on global health map to the current understanding on the mechanism of initiation and progression of oral disease; there are still certain lacunae present in our knowledge of prevention of periodontal disease. In spite of vast understanding of the disease, the inability to identify high-risk forms...
The Bichat ball is fat located in the cheeks region, which can be used for various therapeutic purposes. The aim of the present study is to carry out a literature review on the use of Bichat ball and its application for aesthetic and functional issues. A search was performed on PubMed; SciELO, Scopus and Lilacs databases using the keywords we found 76 articles and 8 were selected, based on exclusion criteria (laboratory studies, articles in a language other than English, and literature reviews)....
This study uses the finite element method to assess the biomechanical behavior of tooth-supported fixed partial prostheses components manufactured with two different infrastructures: Cr-Co Fit Flex metallic alloy and Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) subjected to physiological occlusal loads. Two models with equal geometry were simulated-Model M1: fixed partial prosthesis with Cr-Co metallic infrastructure and feldspar ceramics coating Noritake Ex-3; Model M2: fixed partial prosthesis with PEEK infr...
This review article seeks to provide additional information on bacterial endocarditis and Buccomaxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology procedures, as well as the main microorganisms involved in this feat, risk factors, and conditions and antibiotic prophylaxis. A bibliographic review was carried out, where scientific articles were obtained from the PubMed, Cochrane, Virtual Health Library and Scielo databases. Studies were conducted from 2000 to 2018 and included studies from the period 2013 to 2...
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Human Tooth Banks (HTB) tries to overbear academic activities by providing human teeth, which are fundamental for preclinical, clinical and experimental applications. This study, which took place at the Federal University of Ceara-UFC, considered the cognition of students and professors of Dentistry on HTB. Aim: This study aimed at the investigation of the reality and importance of this tool for the undergraduate course, research as well as for the legal acquisition of this dental organ. Methods...
Objective: To investigate changes in oral microflora in oral cavity from denture wearing cancer patients within seven days of the first course of chemotherapy, and the association between these changes and the distressing oral problems of the patients. Material and methods: Prospective uncontrolled study design was carried out with sixty cancer patients were enrolled in this study. Oral microflora of the buccal mucosa was cultured from two saliva samples before chemotherapy and after receiving t...
Objective: To carry out a literature review on the dentin biomodification agents used in dental research. Methods: The PubMed database and collected literature were used as a resource for peer-reviewed articles to highlight the topics of dentin hierarchical structure, biomodification agents, and investigations of their laboratory and clinical applications. Results: Biomodification agents can be categorized as physical methods and chemical agents. Synthetic and naturally occurring chemical strate...
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