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#2Tony Meireles Santos (UFPE: Federal University of Pernambuco)H-Index: 7
Last. Eduado Zapaterra Campos (UFPE: Federal University of Pernambuco)
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Muitos estudos propuseram comparar as respostas fisiologicas apresentadas pelos testes escalonado e rampa, porem essas comparacoes eram realizadas considerando as diferentes configuracoes dos testes. O objetivo do estudo foi comparar o consumo maximo de oxigenio, frequencia cardiaca maxima, velocidade associada ao VO 2max , tempo ate a exaustao e limiares ventilatorios entre dois protocolos de teste maximo com demanda metabolica equalizada em jovens adultos aparentemente saudaveis. Vinte e sete ...
The present study investigated the effect of eccentric overload on professional basketball players. Participants were 8 players aged 18-25 years who play in a Leb Oro League team. There was an 8 week training cycle with 1 weekly session of half squats. The control group performed training following a traditional methodology –using free weights– whereas the experimental group used inertial technology, that is, the ProSquat machine from Proinertial®. Both vertical jump and 30-meter sprint were ass...
Last. Paulo Henrique Marchetti (CSUN: California State University, Northridge)
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The range of motion (ROM) may affect the external maximal load during back squat (BS) exercise. The correct ROM manipulation can be useful as an exercise load manipulation strategy, changing the volume load during a resistance training session. The aim of this study was to evaluate the acute effects of ROM on relative load, absolute load and the rating of perceived exertion (RPE) during partial and full BS exercise with adjusted loads. Fifteen male individuals (age: 26.5±4.5 years; height: 173±6...
Verifica-se substancial aumento na producao de revisoes sistematicas e metanalises, inclusive sobre os efeitos do exercicio na composicao corporal. Destacam-se aqui aqueles comparando Treinamento Continuo de Intensidade Moderada (MICE) e Treinamento Intervalado de Alta Intensidade (HIIT). Observando que metanalises bem conduzidas apresentam maior nivel de evidencia cientifica, torna-se relevante analisar criticamente os trabalhos sobre a tematica, a despeito da possivel ausencia de diferenca ent...
#1Akeline Santos de Almeida (UFS: Universidade Federal de Sergipe)
#2Patricia Almeida Fontes (UFS: Universidade Federal de Sergipe)
Last. Rogério Brandão Wichi (UFS: Universidade Federal de Sergipe)H-Index: 12
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Aging comprises a dynamic and progressive process, characterized by physiological and functional changes. Among these changes, increase in body fat is considered relevant, since it can leads to impaired physical fitness and augmented cardiometabolic risks. Considering this, the objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of overweight on functional capacity of physically active older women. A field survey was performed with 24 older women who practiced physical exercise. Participants w...
O objetivo do estudo foi verificar o efeito do pequeno jogo 3vs.3 sobre o comportamento tatico de jovens jogadores de futebol em uma sessao de treinamento. Participaram do estudo 24 jogadores das categorias sub-13 e sub-14 de um clube professional. Realizaram-se quatro series de quatro minutos do pequeno jogo 3vs.3 com quatro minutos de pausa passiva entre as series. Todos os jogos foram filmados e analisou-se o comportamento tatico por meio do Sistema de Avaliacao Tatica no Futebol. Foram compa...
Breast cancer is the most frequent in women, resulting in fatigue and depressive symptoms as consequence of treatment, but physical activity can help in this process. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between fatigue, depressive symptoms and practice of physical activity of women with breast cancer during treatment or after cancer treatment. This is a cross-sectional study with 179 women (56.89 ± 9.4 years) from theOncologyResearchCenter- CEPON, using questionnaire on gen...
There is growing interest in identifying morphological, motor, maturation characteristics, as well as their changes, of children and adolescents in systematized training in various sports. Knowledge of these characteristics is important for coaches and researchers because they provide parameters for assessing youth development during training. For track and field, studies on the category under 16 are scarce. Thus, the objectives of this study are to describe the profile and to design a percentil...
The aim of this study is to analyze the influence of the ball screen and 1x1 situations on the shooting effectiveness in the Euroleague Final Four of the 2016-2017 season. A total of 1122 offensive actions were analyzed by means of an ad hoc instrument called SOCCB, where the following findings stand out: a) ball screen is the most used concept followed by one-on-one played outside the three-point line and finally, the one-on-one played close to the zone; b) the limited use of the one-on-one pla...
Este artigo analisou o Teste de Aptidao Fisica (PFT), realizado pela Marinha do Brasil para medir os parâmetros fisicos de seus militares, a fim de apresentar as probabilidades de desempenho com o aumento da idade. Analisamos 702 dados de PFT, separados em tres grupos com base na idade, como segue: adultos jovens (YA, n=91, faixa etaria entre 20-30 anos), adultos (A, n=243, faixa etaria entre 30-40 anos) e adultos de meia idade (MA, n=368, faixa etaria entre 40-50 anos). As medidas da PFT foram:...
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