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#1Wang D (SJTU: Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Objective Through surveys of the operation statue of four newly built public hospitals in suburbs in Shanghai, to evaluate the relationship of fee and amount-of-service of these hospitals. Methods The data of these hospitals' 2013—2014 outpatient and emergent services and in-hospital services were collected. Results The fee of these four newly built hospitals increased rapidly in 2013—2014. The main reason of the increase was the development of amount-of-service. Comparing with the original hosp...
#1Qian Y (Hangzhou Normal University)
Patient satisfaction evaluation is an important means of management for improving the medical service quality and reflecting the social benefit of medical institutions. Bounded rationality theory puts forward for the completely rational man assumption in classical economics. The theory considering that evaluator's irrational factors such as cognition, information, psychological and social environment—will affect the evaluation results, which has been widely applied in the field of management. Th...
#1Pan Qing-xi (HMU: Harbin Medical University)
Objective To analyze and evaluate the implementation effect of the basic drug system. Method Using the factor analysis method to explore the potential structure dimension of evaluation of influence of essential medicines effect,screening the key evaluation index. Result We extracted the three common factors through exploratory factor analysis method:rationality drug use factor,income structure in basic medical institutions factor,residents' economic burden of disease factor. After the implementa...
#1Zhang B (Anhui Medical University)
Standardized training for resident doctors is an important part of medical education after graduation,which has become one of the major projects under national regulation,and has been attached greater importance by hospitals with training bases. However,there are insufficiencies in medical humanistic education,the emphasis on medical humanistic education,and systemic and standardized teaching. Combining with practical work of standardized training,the authors explore the teaching mode constructi...
Objective: To study the practical effect of quality control circle activities in ICU artificial airway nursing management. Method: 90 cases of ICU artificial airway are divided into control group and observation group for the comparison of adverse reaction and complication incidence. Result: There is a dramatic decline in adverse reaction and complication incidence after launching quality control circle activity,and the satisfaction with the nursing from patients and their family members increas...
As a unique method of interpersonal communication, non-verbal communication plays an important role in doctor-patient relationship. This paper analyzed the causes of intense doctor-patient relationship from the perspective of non-verbal communication based on two typical cases and put forward solutions and suggestions.
#1Li Bin (Guangxi Medical University)
Building high-quality service hospital and solving the issue of "narrow access to medical service and high cost for medical service" have always been the focus and difficulty of health care reform. Based on the problems in diagnosis and treatment of patients, constantly optimize the treatment process, innovate hospitalization and checking out services. Save patients' time on diagnosis and treatment, bring convenience to patients and continuously improve patients' satisfaction and service quality...
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