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Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder responsible for the production of a defective transmembrane protein. In recent years, new protein modulators have been developed. They aim to treat the underlying cause of the disease. The results on the biomarkers of the function of the CFTR protein and on the clinical outcomes are very encouraging. However, there is an individual heterogeneity in the response to modulators within a same genotype. Furthermore, clinical trials focus on the most common mutati...
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Last. Renaud LouisH-Index: 40
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Asthma is a chronic heterogeneous airway disease. There are different asthma inflammatory phenotypes with various responses to treatment and different disease severities. When asthma requires chronic systemic corticosteroids or hospitalizations despite maximal inhaled therapies in asthmatic patients in whom comorbidities have been managed and who are considered as compliant, the pulmonologist may propose biological treatment to reduce exacerbations and the dose of systemic corticosteroids. Durin...
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Last. Krzesinski JmH-Index: 3
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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) impairs the quality of life and increases the risk for cardiovascular morbimortality. Intensive research is conducted in order to slow down CKD development and progression. During the past decade, a better understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms of glomerular diseases has highlighted the benefits of rituximab. Progresses have also been made in the understanding of the mechanisms of autosomal polycystic kidney disease, the most frequent inherited kidney dis...
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Over the last decade, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) is a medical specialty that has evolved considerably in the various fields that concern it : from the management of low back pain and lumbosciatalgia or osteoporosis in a multidisciplinary manner, through the use of new technologies in neuro-locomotor rehabilitation and robotisation in amputee patients for example, the development of regenerative medicine and prevention in sports traumatology and, finally, the progress of electroph...
#1Olivier DetryH-Index: 29
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Last. Didier LedouxH-Index: 30
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The success of solid organ transplantation induced an increased need for grafts and the necessary registration of transplant candidates on long waiting lists. Many patients die while waiting for transplantation, even in Belgium where the donation rates have been high these last years. In order to fight this lack of donor organs, the transplant centers widened donation criteria for brain dead donors, including older age and potential transmissible diseases. In addition, programs of donation after...
Type 2 diabetes is a complex disease with an increasing prevalence and a huge morbidity and premature mortality, essentially due to cardiovascular and renal complications. Classical glucose-lowering agents (metformin, sulphonylureas) exert little protective effects on these complications so that emphasis has been put on a multifactorial management targeting all risk factors. Gliptins offer the advantage of an excellent tolerance profile, with no hypoglycaemia or weight gain, but have not shown a...
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Last. Vincent BoursH-Index: 46
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Inborn errors of metabolism (IEM) represent a vast group of orphan genetic disorders associated with enzyme deficiencies, substrates accumulation and products depletion. For several decades, the cornerstone of life-saving therapies in IEM was based on extreme manipulations of the nutritional intakes. Such outstanding dietary engineering is still relevant today, but new therapeutic avenues have emerged last years, based on better pathophysiological understanding and technological advances. In thi...
These last few years, new advances in technologies and modern insulin regimens have improved diabetes care for children and adolescents and have led to the definition of new therapeutic goals.
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