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Owing to the fact that the fundamental human rights have been introduced into the labour law relations, each employer is bound to respect the private lives of their employees. However, this obligation is not absolute, considering that the employer may, under certain circumstances, limit the employee's right to respect for private life. This possibility greatly depends on how the employee's right to privacy has been limited. Video surveillance is a measure that most severely affects human dignity...
In most states that have a centralized system of constitutional control, there is tension in the relations between the Constitutional Court and ordinary courts. The fundamental question raised in this regard is weather the Constitutional Court, acting on a constitutional complaint, may enter into the domain of application of law. The manner and conditions for exercising the constitutional rights are regulated by the law. In this respect, it seems that the Constitutional Court may, to a certain e...
The cases referred to the World Court (the ICJ and he PCIJ) that arose as a consequence of the events which occurred in Eastern Europe, as well as some brilliant albeit mutually very different international jurists from this part of Europe, had a significant impact on the development of international law. The article provides strong evidence that the significance of Eastern Europe issues and the Court judges coming from this region is highly disproportionate to the rather minuscule size of the E...
A relationship of a human being towards nature and its surroundings created by human labour has become a subject of separate legal regulation and separate legal studies only in the past few decades. Previously, this topic was investigated only sporadically and fragmentarily, within the traditional branches of law. The concept of integral legal protection started being conceived in the 1970s. It opened up a way towards a new, integrative and synthetic branch of law, which has changed its name and...
Since times immemorial, crimes against property have always been the most frequent offences, both in the national and comparative law systems. For this reason, all criminal legislations prescribe different types of punishment and property-related criminal measures as an efficient social response to crimes against property. In the criminal law of the Republic of Serbia, the property-related penalties and measures that affect the perpetrator's property include: 1) a fine and confiscation of proper...
Autor istražuje pravno-povesni aspekt razvoja oblika privrednog poslovanja i uticaja države na njega. Uz anticke primere. analizira neke srednjovje
The concept of human rights penetrates into all spheres of law, acting as a protective mechanism against the abuse of rights by States and other entities. Human rights are a "counterweight" to the development of the neoliberal expansionism, embodied in the regime of foreign investment protection through international investment contracts. When states enter into such contracts, they bring along the previous commitments, in particular the obligation of protecting human rights. However, this obliga...
Despite the progress realized during the last decades regarding the protection of the cultural heritage, there is still a lot to do in order to arrive in a satisfactory regime. The attention of those who will deal with this issue in the future must be in particular focused on: (a) the possible assimilation of the status of the illegally exported cultural objects to that of stolen objects, in order to increase the protection, combined with an effort to limit to some extent the categories of cultu...
There is a certain irony in the fact that, when later this year the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments will see the light, the work that started in the 1960's with the 1965 Choice of Court and the 1971 Recognition and Enforcement Conventions will have come full circle: the Hague Conference will, once again, after having crafted an instrument on choice of court, adopt a Recognition and Enforcement Convention! Yet, the image of an upward spiral will hopefully do better just...
The term "smart city" was first used in the 1990s within the framework of applying innovative technologies as part of modern urban infrastructure. Nowadays, the concept "smart city" pertains to the application of intelligent, interconnected and instrumentalized information-communication systems in the field of urban planning. European cities are insufficiently sustainable, inclusive or productive for the needs of modern times. Smart cities of the present and the future need to address serious so...
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