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The personal trait called Core Self-Evaluations (CSE) has been receiving increasing attention from behavioral strategy scholars due to its ability to predict job performance and to explain some facets of decision-making processes. However, despite previous studies hypothesizing that managers with high values of CSE are intuitive thinkers, beyond any doubt of their capacities and that they significantly lead to positive results for their organization, no one has empirically investigated these ass...
The circular economy strategy supports the transformation of the linear consumption model into a closed-production model to achieve economic sustainability, with the consumers’ acceptance of circular products being one of the major challenges. Further, one important aspect of product circularity remains unexplored, such as the consumers’ purchase intention of recycled circular goods. In this context, the present study proposes and tests a conceptual model on consumers acceptance of recycled good...
This research explores how global cosmetic players sense emerging market demand for new technologies and products, seize opportunities through the acquisition of core competencies that they needed, and transform their global value chain. The aim of this paper to assess the prerequisites of reciprocal synergies in merger and acquisition (M&A) deals pursuing global growth. To achieve this aim, the author asked a research question: what is the best way to measure the competence-based synergies as a...
Due to the national importance of metropolitan areas, central governments seek to make them as attractive and competitive as possible. In many cases, this is done through state control over metropolitan areas and their governance arrangements. This article examines the relationship between state control and metropolitan governance capacity based on a comparative case study of four metropolitan areas: Auckland, Dublin, Montreal and Oslo. These areas represent different models of metropolitan gove...
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System architecture plays a crucial role in the establishment of Digital Government infrastructure. Over recent decades, various architectures have been introduced by scholars for the establishment of Digital Government infrastructure. However, there is no uniform agreement on Digital Government architecture concepts required for Digital Government infrastructure. To more thoroughly examine the Digital Government architecture introduced in this article, we collected 103 papers published between ...
Subsidiarity constitutes a guiding principle of the EU exercising power and the idea of involving national parliaments in the EU legislative procedure was seen as the best solution to increase democracy and transparency of the EU decision-making process at the European Convention established in 2001. Such a mechanism enables national parliaments to ensure the correct application of the principle of subsidiarity by the institutions taking part in the legislative process. This article examines how...
Virgin polymers based on petrochemical feedstock are mainly preferred by most plastic goods manufacturers instead of recycled plastic feedstock. Major reason for this is the lack of reliable information about the quality, suitability, and availability of recycled plastics, which is partly due to lack of proper segregation techniques. In this paper, we present our ongoing efforts to segregate plastics based on its types and improve the reliability of information about recycled plastics using the ...
The paper investigates the accessibility of local government websites. It focuses in particular on disability, e-administration, and web accessibility standards for the visually impaired. The research involved 182 websites of local government bodies of the Malopolskie Voivodeship (Poland). It employed selected automated testing applications. The occurrence of selected accessibility tools on the websites was verified with a cognitive walkthrough. A questionnaire survey was conducted as well. Resu...
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The scarcity of fossil fuels and their environmental impact as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, have prompted governments around the world to both develop research and foster the use of renewable energy sources (RES), such as biomass, wind, and solar. Therefore, although these efforts represent potential solutions for fossil fuel shortages and GHG emission reduction, some doubts have emerged recently regarding their energy efficiency. Indeed, it is very useful to assess their energy gain, which m...
While we already know a lot about the outcomes and boundary conditions of servant leadership, there is still a need for research on its antecedents. Building on the theory of purposeful work behavior and further theorizing by van Dierendonck and Patterson (2015), we examine if leaders’ propensity for compassionate love will evoke servant leadership behavior. At the same time, we contrast compassionate love to leaders´ narcissism as psychological counterpart to compassionate love, because narciss...
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