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Over the last decade, bisphenol A (BPA) has become a chemical of concern in the marine environment. There is little data on BPA levels in the eastern Adriatic Sea, Croatian waters. This study provides concentrations of BPA in marine sediments and suspended matter sampled from the Kastela Bay (the central part of the Adriatic Sea) for two years. The results obtained show that BPA in sediment samples ranged from 1.05 to 46.31 µg kg-1, while they were higher in the suspended matter, ranging from 1....
In East Taiwan, coastal settlements are scattered and narrowly confined between the Coastal Mountain and the Pacific Ocean. These settlements are currently at risk as there is no room for retreat. Therefore, it is essential to conduct a comprehensive and continuous hazard assessment in these coastal residential areas. In order to avoid biased towards the natural environment, the factors that cannot easily be built within the geographic information system (GIS) database are distinguished by Unman...
The recently finalised Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria (SGISC), produced by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), contain a level 3 assessment, the so-called Direct Stability Assessment (DSA). This assessment can be carried out using either model experiments or simulations. The fact that such a choice is given implies that the methods are equivalent in accuracy. This assumption has been verified, for one case, by the Cooperative Research Ships (CRS) community. The verificati...
The propulsive performance of a bio-inspired autonomous underwater glider (AUG) with active twin undulatory wings undergoing undulatory motion was investigated by numerically solving the viscous incompressible Navier–Stokes equations, coupled with the immersed boundary method. The aspect ratio (AR) effects of the undulatory wings were studied. The simulation results showed that with the increase of AR, the thrust force generated by the active twin undulatory wings showed a linear growth, while t...
The present review considers the physicochemical and biological properties of polysaccharides (PS) from brown, red, and green algae (alginates, fucoidans, carrageenans, and ulvans) used in the latest technologies of regenerative medicine (tissue engineering, modulation of the drug delivery system, and the design of wound dressing materials). Information on various types of modern biodegradable and biocompatible PS-based wound dressings (membranes, foams, hydrogels, nanofibers, and sponges) is pr...
Accurately estimating the probability of storm surge occurrences is necessary for flood risk assessments. This research models Long Island Sound using a coupled coastal circulation and wave model (FVCOM-SWAVE) to hindcast the 44 highest storms between 1950–2018 and fitted Poisson-GPD distributions to modelled water levels and wave heights. Floodwater elevations and significant wave heights for 10% (1/10), 3% (1/30), 2% (1/50), and 1% (1/100) annual exceedance probabilities are provided for all C...
One analytical design problem involves constructing control laws for marine autopilot systems. Despite numerous known solutions, this problem can still be further developed by taking into account the actual conditions of the control system operation. An important issue for discussion is the feedback synthesis for marine ships with time delays in their rudders’ actuators. In this work, a new approach is proposed for providing all the desirable dynamic features of a closed-loop system with autopil...
The aim of the present paper is to provide the state of the works in the field of hydrodynamics and computational simulations to analyze biomimetic marine propulsors. Over the last years, many researchers postulated that some fish movements are more efficient and maneuverable than traditional rotary propellers, and the most relevant marine propulsors which mimic fishes are shown in the present work. Taking into account the complexity and cost of some experimental setups, numerical models offer a...
The striped catfish Pangasianodon hypophthalmus is an important freshwater fish cultured in many countries where the collection of wild brooders is still widely practiced. Global farming development of this species makes use of significant natural resources that pose challenges for the genetic diversity of striped catfish. Hence, this study aims to conduct a systematic genetic diversity assessment of wild and farmed catfish stocks collected from four major pangasius-farming countries, using a ne...
The use of containers in the world is increasing every year in line with international trade flows. In very complex container terminal operations, the risk of work accidents is inevitable and can happen at any time. Therefore, this paper aimed to identify accidents and potential risks occurring in the container terminals. For the case study, the analysis was used the data of accidents during five years in one of the major container terminals in Indonesia. Risk assessment is carried out using the...
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