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This paper describes a new set of experiments focused on estimating time series of the free surface elevation of water (FSEW) from velocities recorded by submerged air bubbles under regular and irregular waves using a low-cost non-intrusive technique. The main purpose is to compute wave heights and periods using time series of velocities recorded at any depth. The velocities were taken from the tracking of a bubble curtain with only one high-speed digital video camera and a bubble generator. The...
Accurate and efficient prediction of the forces on a propeller is critical for analyzing a maneuvering vessel with numerical methods. CFD methods like RANS, LES, or DES can accurately predict the propeller forces, but are computationally expensive due to the need for added mesh discretization around the propeller as well as the requisite small time-step size. One way of mitigating the expense of modeling a maneuvering vessel with CFD is to apply the propeller force as a body force term in the Na...
Diatoms are a broadly distributed and evolutionarily diversified group of microalgae that produce a diverse range of sterol compounds. Sterols are triterpenoids that play essential roles in membrane-related processes in eukaryotic cells. Some sterol compounds possess bioactivities that promote human health and are currently used as nutraceuticals. The relationship between sterol diversity in diatoms and their acclimation to different environments is not well understood. In this study, we investi...
Solar distillation is a practical alternative for freshwater production in arid zones where seawater is abundant. The attractiveness of this approach resides in the simplicity of the solar still, equipment used to produce saline-free water for drinking, intensive agriculture, domestic use and other purposes. A solar still is an apparatus exposed to solar radiation that consists essentially of a basin with a solar collector where saline water is deposited and covered with a transparent inclined g...
One of the significant problems in the safe operation of vessels is the behavior of the ship on the wave. Of all degrees of freedom, the greatest threat to the safety of a ship is associated with excessive rolling. One of the best methods to improve the safety of a ship in this field is to carry out experiments on the ship model, performed at her design stage. The problem is that the model tests are costly. An alternative is to conduct simulation tests based on numerical models. The primary goal...
Analyzing the long-term behavior of the coastlines in the vicinity of river mouths and estuaries usually relies on the mean (predicted) values of the sediment discharge from the river. However, this approach does not consider low frequency, severe events, such as El Nino (EN), that can have a large effect on coastlines. While the effects of an EN on flooding and droughts are well studied, little information exists about its effects on coastal zones, and especially on the evolution of coastlines....
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The paper investigates an innovative ironless linear generator, installable inside a wave energy converter, in order to produce electricity from sea waves. This energy source is considered strategic for the future, especially in small islands; however, this technology is still far from the commercial phase. Considering the wave energy potential of the Mediterranean Sea, a first prototype of the electrical linear generator was realized at the Department of Engineering of Palermo University. This ...
An integrated two-dimensional vertical (2DV) model was developed to investigate wave interactions with permeable submerged breakwaters. The integrated model is capable of predicting the flow field in both surface water and porous media on the basis of the extended volume-averaged Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes equations (VARANS). The impact of porous medium was considered by the inclusion of the additional terms of drag and inertia forces into conventional Navier–Stokes equations. Finite volume...
A deep-sea pipeline position and attitude-measuring device based on pipeline outer circle positioning can measure the spatial relative positions of the end faces of two oil pipelines in the deep sea. This device can provide the necessary data to make a transition pipeline connecting two sections of oil pipelines together. However, after analyzing the data measured by this device, it is found that the measurement data has a large error because the error transmission coefficient of the measurement...
The Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization came into force in October 2014. In the European Union (EU), new legislation had to be developed in order to apply the mandatory elements of the Protocol, namely, the Regulation (EU) No 511/2014 (ABS Regulation) and the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1866, laying down detailed rules for the implementation of Regulation ABS with regard to the register of collection, moni...
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