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Extrusion bioprinting has revolutionized engineering of functional multicellular/multimaterial tissue analogues. Bioinks for accurate and reproducible 3D bioprinting are limited, and the inevitable flow of polymeric solutions remains a challenge. A robust method to size bulk hydrogels through micron grids formed gel microstrands which entangled into a fibrous hydrogel which was stable in aqueous media, moldable and macroporous. Intriguingly, these microstrands also possessed optimal rheological ...
Shorebirds (partim members of order Charadriiformes) have a global distribution and exhibit remarkable variation in ecological and behavioural traits that are pertinent to many core questions in the fields of evolutionary ecology and conservation biology. Shorebirds are also relatively convenient to study in the wild as they are ground nesting and often occupy open habitats that are tractable to monitor. Here we present a database documenting the reproductive ecology of 1,600 individually marked...
Polycomb Repressive Complex (PRC) 1 and 2 are histone-modifying and chromatin-binding complexes that are required for silencing of developmental regulatory genes and genes that control cellular proliferation. Their gene silencing functions are thought to involve chromatin compaction and condensate formation but whether other mechanisms contribute to silencing is unknown. Here we show that the rixosome, a conserved RNA degradation complex with roles in ribosomal RNA processing and heterochromatic...
Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent disabilities worldwide, and has a significant impact on quality of life. The adult-onset type of the condition is highly heritable but the genetic causes are largely unknown, which is in contrast to childhood-onset hearing loss. We identified an in-frame deletion of 12 nucleotides in RIPOR2 as a highly penetrant cause of adult-onset progressive hearing loss that segregated as an autosomal dominant trait in 12 families from the Netherlands. Hearing loss a...
Deterministic ordinary differential equation (ODE) models of genetic circuits, commonly assume a well-mixed ensemble of species inside the cell. However, intracellular spatial heterogeneity is frequently observed experimentally, with a circuit9s DNA location and volume occupied by the chromosome (excluded volume effects) as two primary variables. Here, we derive a reduced ODE model that captures spatial effects, yet has the same structure as commonly used "well-mixed" models. Specifically, the o...
Soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merr.) is a major crop in animal feed and human nutrition, mainly for its rich protein and oil contents. The remarkable rise in soybean transcriptome studies over the past five years generated an enormous amount of RNA-seq data, encompassing various tissues, developmental conditions, and genotypes. In this study, we have collected data from 1,298 publicly available soybean transcriptome samples, processed the raw sequencing reads, and mapped them to the soybean referenc...
The morphology and physiology of diaspores play crucial roles in determining the fate of seeds in unpredictable habitats. In some genera of the Brassicaceae different types of diaspores can be found. Lepidium appelianum produces non-dormant seeds within indehiscent fruits while in L. campestre dormant seeds are released from dehiscent fruits. These different diaspore types offer an excellent model system to analyse the allocation of relevant defence compounds into different tissues, which may ma...
Systematic errors could be introduced by amplification during MPS library preparation and cluster/array formation. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)-free library preparation methods have previously demonstrated improved sequencing quality with PCR-amplified read-clusters, however we hypothesized that some some InDel errors are still introduced by the remaining PCR step. Here we sequenced PCR-free libraries on MGI9s PCR-free DNBSEQTM arrays to obtain for the first time a true PCR-free WGS (Whole Ge...
CSF-1R haploinsufficiency causes adult-onset leukoencephalopathy with axonal spheroids and pigmented glia (ALSP). Previous studies in the Csf1r+/- mouse model of ALSP hypothesized a central role of elevated cerebral Csf2 expression. Here we show that monoallelic deletion of Csf2 rescues most behavioral deficits and histopathological changes in Csf1r+/- mice by preventing microgliosis and eliminating most microglial transcriptomic alterations, including those indicative of oxidative stress and de...
In general, animal behavior can be described as the neuronal-driven sequence of reoccurring postures through time. Current technologies enable offline pose estimation with high spatio-temporal resolution, however to understand complex behaviors, it is necessary to correlate the behavior with neuronal activity in real-time. Here we present DeepLabStream, a highly versatile, closed-loop solution for freely moving mice that can autonomously conduct behavioral experiments rang-ing from behavior-base...
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