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ABSTRACTRecent advances in financial econometrics have led to the development of a variety of estimators of asset volatility using frequently sampled price data, known as ‘realised measures’. These...
ABSTRACTThe primary purpose of this paper is to examine the dynamic and Granger causal (inter) relationships between house prices and to empirically assess the co-movement in-house prices across di...
In the UK, contributions from landowners towards the provision of affordable housing are obtained through a process of negotiation that centres on the financial viability of each development proposal. National Planning Practice Guidance, first published in 2014 and recently revised in 2018 and 2019, provides the Government framework for these negotiations and sets parameters for the financial viability appraisals. Failure to achieve levels of affordable housing set out in local plans has been at...
There is widespread acceptance that both intuition and rationality can play significant roles in valuation decision-making. However, a study that specifically examines how intuitive and rational approaches interact is still missing. This study addresses this gap by applying cognitive theories of information processing and using a very detailed analysis of verbal protocols to propose a model of cognitive structure that identifies and describes the reasoning of property valuers during a commercial...
#1Claudia Ascherl (University of Regensburg)H-Index: 2
#2Liesa Schrand (University of Regensburg)H-Index: 1
Last.Sofia Dermisi (UW: University of Washington)H-Index: 7
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ABSTRACTThe paper examines whether executive compensation packages within the US REIT industry are determined merely by performance or also by CEO power mechanisms that have an essential influence ...
ABSTRACTThis paper investigates what makes developers and municipal planning authorities more (or less) likely to cooperate. It borrows methods from behavioural economics for eliciting the propensi...
#1Danielle Claire Sanderson (UCL: University College London)
#2Farazia Shakurina (Jones Lang LaSalle)
Last.Jolene Lim (UCL: University College London)
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ABSTRACTThis research evaluates the impact of Sale and Leaseback (SLB) on UK commercial property prices and yields, compared with arms-length transactions. Data on 357 SLB deals and 1266 non-SLB de...
#1Gaetano Lisi (University of Cassino)H-Index: 6
ABSTRACTBy using two of the main evaluation methods, namely the sales comparison approach and the multiple regression analysis, this paper points out the key role of implicit prices of housing char...
#1Riëtte Carstens (Stellenbosch University)
#2Julia Freybote (PSU: Portland State University)H-Index: 4
ABSTRACTWe investigate the response of institutional REIT investors to the abnormally (net) positive tone in REIT financial statements. For non-REIT firms, sophisticated investors have been found t...
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