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Today, information is a key asset for many organisations. Reducing risks of information compromise is increasingly prioritised. However, there is an incomplete understanding of how organisations wi ...
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Artificial Neural Networks are universal and highly flexible function approximators first used in the fields of cognitive science and engineering. In recent years, Neural Networks have become increasingly popular in finance for tasks such as pattern recognition, classification and time series forecasting. The ability to predict cash requirement within reasonable accuracy of actual demand provides target for supply optimization well in time. Every financial institution (large or small) faces the ...
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The development in the area of wireless communication, mobile and embedded computing leads to significant changes in the application of devices. Over the last years, embedded devices were brought into the consumer area creating the Internet of Things. Furthermore, industrial applications increasingly rely on communication through trust boundaries. Networking is cheap and easily applicable while providing the possibility to make everyday life more easy and comfortable and industry more efficient ...
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